Mar 1 1992
Miami, FL, US / Miami Arena
with The Pixies
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First U2 Show
I was a high school sophomore and this was my first U2 show. I went to the show with my dad. Having only seen U2 live on Rattle and Hum and Under a Blood Red Sky, I was totally surprised and amazed with the stage set-up (e.g. TVs and Trabant cars). Most memorable moment was With or Without You when the Miami Arena was illuminated with the disco ball Trabant. 2 weeks later, I found a copy of Rattle and Hum in my dad's car. My dad denied it was his and tried to convince it was mine... My dad should have said he was holding it for a friend.
I got onstage with U2 at the Miami Arena
This one single experience changed my entire life. After this happened I knew that there is no limit whatsoever on the possibilities life has to offer. It was the 2nd show of the world tour in Miami Florida.In between With or Without you and Love is Blindness at the end of the show, I actually managed to climb onstage and surprise a very cool Bono and Edge. Luckily since I dreamed that moment from the time I subscribed to Propaganda Magazine and read how cool Bono was to people, I did not lose my cool and Bono treated me very well!!!! He wasn't sure what to do with me as his normal stick had him have a girl during Blindness and I messed him up a bit. He was extremely gracious and actaully listened to me and gently carried me off stage to his very cool roadies after a few moments. In that moment as i was being passed down from Bonos hands to his roadies hands, I fainted for a second . Then I jumped for joy as I made my dream come true.. The only sad part is I never got a picture of that blessed event. People didn't have cameras in their phones in those days. The Achtung Baby Album is some of the most exciting music I have ever heard and even to this day I am blown away at the memories of that whole show..Trabants and hippee Djs pre show. Its astounding at how connected U2 are with their audience. Bono gently asked me not to freak out, and I didn't.. I would give ANYTHING for a picture of that moment.. Thru U2's fan club through all these years I have met some wonderful people. I am on my way to Tampa in the morning for 360 tour..I am hoping for more great memories which I have no doubt about.. Hoping you come to Miami again soon! Love to U2 ps any pics from 3/1/1992 Miami Arena please email me at deegreen@bellsouth.net Thanks!
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