Mar 3 1992
Charlotte, NC, US / Charlotte Coliseum
with The Pixies
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1st U2 Show
I was just 16 years old at the time and a huge fan of U2. I did not get tickets until the day of the show. A local record store had a few surprise tickets left and my poor mother drove 30 miles, waited in line, bought 2 tickets and surprised me with them after school. My freind and I skipped golf practice and took off the new Charlotte Coliseum. We were running late due to the rain and only caught The Pixies last song. Those first sounds of The Edge's guitar intro to Zoo Station, I will never forget. It was raw, different, and live. The rest of the show just blew me away. Some highlights: Bono dove into the crowd during "Until the End Of the World," A guy offered Bono a dollar bill to play "Angel of Harlem" while on the B stage, and the band played it. A fan got past security and stood on the main stage next to Bono. Sensing the awkward moment, Bono jumped into the guys arms. The fool picked him up for a minute before security escorted him off the stage. After "Ultraviolet" came to a wandering stop, Bono promised the audience that they might know the endings to the songs next time around and that It would not take five years to get back. He is a man of his word because they came back that summer on the Outside Broadcast Tour. What I took most from this show was that U2 had a great sense of humor and really seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves on stage. I was shocked really because I had a totally different picture painted in my head based on old videos of the band. One final remembrance, the volume level was really high. My ears rang for a couple of hours after that show. This was the loudest rock concert I have ever attended, I may have gone deaf for a little while, but I loved it
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