Apr 18 1992
Oakland, CA, US / Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
with The Pixies
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tribute to Freddie Mercury
From the moment the warm-up DJ came out on stage and down to his convertible car DJ booth to the playing of Love is Blindness by the band the concert was perfect in every way. The DJ opened up with Rock N Roll by Led Zepplin while parading down to his booth wearing a full length leather jacket with Elvis Presley on the back. U2 opened with Zoo Station and later Bono dedicated the concert being broadcast via satellite to London to Freddie Mercury who had just passed away. The band played Killer Queen in his honor. The set list was incredible the music incomparable the video amazing. Does anyone remember the Buffalo running around the entire arena wall amidst a snowy landscape. The concert was so good I cried. Thank you Band and Crew.
Two Out of Two Is Great
My friend Liz was able to get us tickets for Sacramento and Oakland (and the Outside broadcast later on) through the fan club, and what a treat! Both shows were incredible. U2 blew our eyes and ears out for a second night in a row. The show was so dense that we saw completely different things the second night. I think this was the night they played a very mournful version of "Dancing Queen," which was incredible.
My first U2 show
Openers Sugarcubes Public Enemy It was a great show. My friends went to the Joshua Tree show and told me I better not miss it. I was going to Humboldt State at the time and drove down with my roomate, his girlfriend and my girlfriend (Who ended up becoming my wife). I will see if I can't dig up some photos.
I was there !
My first concert and first contact with U2. It was the first time I traveled abroad and my american friend (thank you Lauren !) offered me a place to see the show (I was a rap fan, so U2 was very far from my music). Since those time, I've never leave them and bought all their songs. The show in Oackland was incredible for a little boy came from french campaign !!! Thanks a lot Lauren. Sebastien
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