Apr 20 1992
Tacoma, WA, US / Tacoma Dome
with The Pixies
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Benny Hill show
An amazing show. It changed the idea of rock concerts. The boys were on it! Of note I also remember before the venue darkened and news feeds were being broadcast over the tv's BBC news announced the passing of legendary comic Benny Hill. Somewhat surreal to have this icon passing followed by the exhilaration of one of the best U2 shows I've ever seen (or any band for that matter).
A real Achtung Baby
Hard to forget this concert. I was 20 ft from the stage, no one in front of me, and 9 months pregnant. The venue was 100 miles from home so we were supposed to spend the night at my sister-in-law's in Washington. I was stunned that I had finally made it to a U2 concert. The tickets were only $25. I didn't get to jump around much but I still had a blast. I went into labor a few hours after the concert (thankfully) and though we raced towards home, we didn't make it before the baby was born. She's been the "freeway baby" ever since.
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