Jun 1 1992
Birmingham, GB / National Exhibition Centre
with Fatima Mansions
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first time
I was 17 this was my first u2 gig i queued all weekend for tickets was in the first 50 people to get them.i remember the fatima mansions being in surport best night of my life ive got the cd of the night that i have on every day
First U2 gig!!!
We queued for 9 hours for tickets, having got to NEC 'early' to avoid the queue!! On the day, my 10 year old Escort was full of people, it was pissing down rain and the heater was stuck on and I had just passed my driving test!! ...we got restricted view tickets but ended up with a stage side view!! Long pigs..P J Harvey.. then, Larry and Bono came on stage on our side and my cousin who was a huge fan at her first gig was in floods of tears!! I can still remember half way through, Larry taking his Trabant for a walk on the b stage!! Quickest 2 hours of my life.... In the car park queue on the way back, everyone cheered through U2 songs being played from most cars as a posh lady a few cars ahead appeared from her boyfriends lap.. with a big smile.....!!!
U2 @ NEC June 1992
I had just left high school, was sweet 16. U2 were the kings of MTV and I had a geography exam the next day. Needless to say I did not pass that exam, but this was my first U2 concert. I lined up all night to buy the ticket, in itself an amazing experience. We all sat around the outside of the building singnig, eating, trying to stay warm until the box office opened, then swarms of people ran over the hill to meet friends in the front of the line (Bummer). Still got amazing seats in the balcony. In the NEC you are so close anyway in comparison to Giants Stadium. The tour was brand new and I was so priviliged to have seen this show. Bono commented on the arena :It's nice to do small clubs. I remember that he got the words mixed up to Until The End of The World, and I am sure they sang Stand By Me acoustically. That may have been the last song of the night. Absolutley amazing set with the cars hanging, Edges fabulous sequined trousers, Bono's Fly Suit. The evening was electryfying and I have seen many shows since but this one is etched in my memory forever, perhaps because it was the Summer of U2 baby. Very exciting, stayed with me for a long long time afterwards. No photo's to post becuase I didn't think that we could take any. I subsequently went to Zooropa '93 at Wembley Stadium.
Best Tour Ever
I saw U2 at the Milton keynes Bowl,on a very rainy day/Evening And i Thought That Was Amazing,It was The Unfogettable fire Tour And i was 14...And this was the next time i saw them "live"...Made It to the N.E.C and Guess What It was another rainy day...All was washed away,When Me and my mate got inside,through the black cloth and up the stairs,Where i say a stage that Blew my mind,cars hangin from the ceiling,public enemy on the speakers,and Massive Tv screens.What was gonna happen??? A remake of a band that i thought could not get better,until i saw/heard them that night..Best Gig ever,seen PopMart,Vertigo And 360..But nothing compared to this..oh and during"tryin to throw your arms around the world" Bono's trousers split,But he made fun of it..All new songs,But all Brilliant"mysterious Ways,One,Ultaviolet,end of the world,The fly" plus the Best of the rest like"bullet the blue sky,Angel of harlem and so on Plus a suprise Guest..Mr McPhisto calling people up..A night i will NEVER EVER forget,Just wish i had some photo's,but when your caught in the moment..nothing matters but to stand there in ore.. ZZZZZZZZZoooo Tv Ya'll..thanx Bono,Adam,Larry And The Edge..... if anyone has any photos of this night please email me at grandmaster71@btinternet.com
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