Oct 24 1992
Phoenix, AZ, US / Sun Devil Stadium
with The Sugarcubes, Public Enemy
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Public Enemy Protest
Sat as far back and up as high as possible for this show, but was totally immersed in sonic and visual wonder. What a way to lose my rock concert virginity at the age of 16. Public Enemy only played one song as part of a protest of Arizona not passing a vote to make a state holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. During the performance, the hanged an effigy of a Ku Klux Klan member. Powerful political protest and serious anger and frustration. Surreal intro to Zoo Station…
ZOO TV !!!!
I love the ZOO TV !!!! For Evah !!!!!!!!!!
The Zoo Outside
I had front row seats for this one. It was quite an unusual show with N.W.A. and The Sugarcubes opening. The Sugarcubes were especially great. I sometime wish Bjork would have continued the style she had with them. The stage was and still is one of the most elaborate I have ever seen. I still think Bono's entrance during "Zoo Station" was the best ever. Being so close, I was able to catch some of the Zoo money that the cannons blew out from the stage.
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