Oct 27 1992
El Paso, US / Texas Sun Bowl
with The Sugarcubes, Public Enemy
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EP '92
They hooked a bunch of the workers in Juarez at Chihuahua Charlie's with tickets. Bono also hit up St. Patrick's Cathedral for a little inspiration. Look forward to them coming back. It would be a perfect venue for SofE Tour. You can throw a rock from the stadium and hit the border wall.
Yes,was a GREAT concert. The whole city of El Paso had been waiting for this concert for a long time. The whole city celebrated the day of the concert. It was an unforgettable night. Can't wait to see them In San Jose,Ca. 05/19/2015
Zoo TV
This was my second tome seeing the band and it was just awesome again.
THis was at Angel Stadium, not Dodger St
I saw this show, my fourth time seeing the band, with my wife. It was a phenomenal show, and we had seats down on the field. There was this long catwalk, and at one point Larry Mullens came out and sat at a second set of drums that were set up at the end of this walkway, about 30 feet from where we were sitting. I remember how strange it was to watch and hear him hit the drums in real time, as it sounded kind of weak and tinny, but then about a second later you'd hear this huge boom as the sound was amplified over the speakers in the stadium. Strange what you remember.
Great night!
This was the first U2 show I attended. I was 15 years old and have been to every tour since.
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