Aug 21 1993
London, GB / Wembley Stadium
with Bjork, Stereo MC's
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ZOO TV Wembley 21-08-93
It poured with rain, I was wearing glasses and was hardly able to see a thing all show. Despite this, U2's fourth and final ZOO TV show at Wembley still has a place in my top three gigs ever. I still remember being left endlessly on hold whilst I desperately tried to secure tickets; working my way to the front of the B-stage crowd during an enthusiastic Stereo MCs support set; the mesmerising visual build-up to Zoo Station then my first 80,000-person singalong; Bono jumping on the girl in front of me during Until The End Of The World; a snippet of Singin' In The Rain; being inwardly sure that Streets was on its way during the long segue after Running to Stand Still (despite not being able to follow setlists in those pre-Internet days); singing along with MacPhisto to the England manager after another football failure (nothing ever changes there); never wanting the concert to end during Love is Blindness. And, as usual, missing the last train back home due to the late finish.
Zoo TV Wembley 210893
My 2nd concert,1st was at same place in87 on JT tour,blinding.Lasting memory was everything,the stage set up was just jaw dropping.I was right up the front and when it kicked off it REALLY kicked off,bombarded with images combined with fantastic and ear splitting sound.When Bullet opened,with the fiery crosses you could hear the whole 80,000 peoples jaws hit the deck,never seen anything like it ,Edges playing and solo during the song was perfection and one of the highlights as well as Bad and really every song.Ending with Love Is Bindness/Cant Help falling in Love... was a master stroke, it just oozed emotion and closness to the band and was a great gentle landing from a seminal concert. Have seen many great bands since but everytime A U2 concert comes along thry just blow the competition away.Just got tickets for Helsinki 2010,my 6th concert,i say to anyone ,if you want to see the greatest live band ever see U2.One last thing the support acts were superb,Bjork and StereoMCs, U2 letting them use their sound system and not turning it down like some bands do.
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