Aug 24 1993
Cork, IE / Pairc Ui Chaoimh
with Utah Saints, Engine Alley
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do you really want to know?
it was amazing,but totally incriminating...not just for me but your staff too!!! great gig,memories made forever.
U2 Cork 1993
I will never forget this concert. I was right up the front and it was the most unforgettable experiance. The whole stage was amazing, even more than the 360 stage, dare I say that? Zooropa is one of my favourite albums but Auctung baby really came out in the live shows. The style and the audiance experiance of the gig won me over as a U2 fan. I have been ever since. Cork gig night was a beautiful summer evening, the buzz from the city centre out to the venue was unbelievable. We made a few pub stops on the way. Moments I will never forget was when Bono sang satalite of love with Lou Reed (on video). and an absolutly unbeaten version of love is blindness near the end.
U2 Cork 24 Aug 1993
My 1st U2 show!! It was a Tuesday night show. Support Acts were Engine Alley and Utah Saints... Macphisto telephoned Frank Murphy-- see this link http://www.peoplesrepublicofcork.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2165160 2 Stand out memories: MacPhisto beckoned to the crowd looking for a cigarette lighter during LOVE IS BLINDNESS and about 20 lighters ended up at his feet... My hands were black from holding two lighters aloft during 'One'...
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