May 1 1997
Denver, CO, US / Mile High Stadium
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First show with my wife
Rage Against the Machine was the opener!
The Meeting
Met the band at this show…waited outside in the freezing cold for what seemed to be hours. After being told by security numerous times that they were gone, no need to wait around…the 3 limos came out. Met Edge, followed by Adam and Bono. Larry was gone I guess. Quite a night!
Let's Mix It Up
This was my first U2 concert and it was in my face. The show was a crazy sensory shock to my system that in one moment I was stunned and the next embracing them challenging and mocking the culture. Aggresively throwing off the stereotypes of Joshua Tree while embracing the music. Mephisto represents the darkest and most vulnerable places - raw reality - of humanity. I was far from the stage on the field but appreciated their attempt to get closer to us through the enormous and elaborate staging which was fully realized with The Claw.
Since I had missed the ZOO TV tour a few years before, I was really anxious for this tour. It would be my first U2 concert and the show hypnotized me. I had been a die hard fan for about 6 years at this point, and the live show shoved me off a cliff into full-blown obsession...which has never ebbed. Of course the giant lemon, Adam's air filter, and Bono's entrance on "MOFO" were captivating it was the hysteria of all the other fans that threw me into U2 madness.
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