May 16 1997
Clemson, SC, US / Memorial Stadium
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My very first U2 concert
I don't remember much but I was on the floor, and I remember during With or Without You (my favorite and greatest song every made) I was caught behind the lemon and I couldn't see Bono. So I just stood on a chair, closed my eyes, and soaked it all in. That's the memory that has stayed with me every since.
The crowd was small so we moved from the south side to near the stage - the acoustics were great and Rage against the Machine were an awesome opener. One of my favorite shows ever.
yea...showed up at the show....had a seat way in the back...but when the touch of with I will follow I was feeling the vibe...I heard batman for the first time....nice...wake up dead man for the first time...cool...this tour was a piece of art....
I don't have any photos but this was the first and only time i got to see U2, i took a buddy with me and we got there as they were going on. i scored really good seats but since we were just little late staff people held us back and would let us go seat. they kept saying you have to wait. i was freaking out, no idea why we could get to our seats. i was looking around seeing if i could figure it out and just as i was about to panic my friend said "hey man, there is Bono" i turned and holy crap, the band was doing a grand entrance of sorts. Bono had his pre boxing match rob on, throwing punches in the air and adam had on yellow jump suit and larry and edge were just smoothly walking through the crowd and mofo(i believe) was playing on a loop. i about crapped myself. i was just feet away as the band walked through. they went on up on stage and we got to our cool seats and enjoyed a great show. lemon and all, it was incredible.
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