Jun 21 1997
Los Angeles, CA, US / Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
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U2 at the Coliseum
I remember having fun at this concert because of the people I was with and of course, U2 was playing! Unfortunately, the parking and traffic really sucked, so we declared we would never see an event at the LA Coliseum again (and that still holds true today). We sat on the left side bleachers about halfway up. For whatever reason, we couldn't hear Bono very well, but the music was great. The Edge stumbled a bit on the stage steps during one song. Davy Jones from the Monkees helped Edge sing "Daydream Believer" which was awesome!! I remember Bono's American flag umbrella during "Bullet The Blue Sky" and of course the lemon!! At the end of the show, I remember the lights still being off, but from where we were sitting, we could see just the four of them exit and go behind the stage where they alone walked up the steps of the coliseum behind the stage to a waiting car just outside. I just remember seeing their four silhouettes, knowing for sure that was them, and wondering when we'll see them next. Who knew the Elevation tour was gonna be their rousing comeback!!
my love for the disco lemon
my first U2 concert it was electric, started off with beer in the park after work and progressed to the whole Coliseum light up by a disco lemon . At the time I thought that no concert would be as cool as that one. nothing could beat the disco lemon until I meet the heart .Inside the heart and seeing an acoustic verson on in gods country well do I need to say more. 20 concerts later and these two are my favorites, until my next show.
I was there
It was a last minute decision to head downtown and see Pop Mart. I thought the opening act was crap...Rage against the Machine and their big hit..."Fuck you, I'll do what I want to" I lost my buddy quickly as I headed toward the floor. Bono came in through the players tunnel on the floor of the Coliseum in a boxers robe with an entourage. Who knew he was going to go through the entire crowd to get to the stage. The rest of the night is a blur. But I do remember the big olive and the mirrors inside the lemon. It was a big show, a big stage, and if I want to know what it was like, I watch the DVD from South America I got on Ebay.
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