Jul 2 1997
Foxboro, MA, US / Foxboro Stadium
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My first U2 show!
I was in the nosebleeds to the left of the stage - I so clearly remember Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me! Such an amazing night!!
I was there also I was on the floor
Floor seats
Best show ever!
I will never forget this show. a day that will live in my memory forever"
You always remember your first time...
My first U2 concert was the PopMart Tour at Foxboro Stadium in Boston in 1997. I did not even know U2 then; I was familiar with perhaps 1 or 2 songs. But there was so much hype on the radio about the concert, that I convinced my husband to try to get tickets. Well, back then, getting concert tickets was actually EASY; I don't think ticket "brokers" had emerged yet. Anyway, we were able to snag 2 tickets at face value ( $52...I still have the stub) just 2 or 3 days before the show. The seats were quite decent, too. I was blown away...by the props; the atmosphere; the music; the people all singing along; Bono's improvising when it started to rain...I was hooked! I immediately began my "research" into U2; trying to discover as much as I could about this band and their music. I fell in love... We'll be going to Montreal next summer for the show that was postponed from this summer. It will be my 8th show...
My first U2 show
This was my very first U2 show and I've been to six in total now. I was simply blown away by the huge TV screen and the entire stage really. The set list was awesome! I liked how the band opened to Mofo. I also can remember enjoying "I Will Follow." The most memorable moment of the night though was when I got to chant "oh oh oh oh" at the end of "Pride in The Name of Love." I waited years to have the chance to do that and I was more than thrilled. I was so involved in the moment that I lost all awareness of my surroundings. In fact my friend was calling my name to alert me that the moment I had been waiting for was finally here but I couldn't even hear him!
Monster U2 Show has Pop!
I didn't think anything would surpass Zootv, especially something with a giant lemon. But they did. The magnitude of the show was even bigger and "unbelievable" better. Coming out with Mofo really kicked it off. Do You Feel Loved was incredible. Please was excellent as well. The whole show rocked and rolled at a level that only U2 could possibly do. The sound, the sights and the human connection were all there at this monster show. There was Elvis's Suspicious Minds which was great, but the best was the final encore when the rain started to fall, so U2 kicked into the Beatles Rain. What a show!!! Don't remember the backup...but they really didn't stand a chance...especially outdoor shows with U2. Pop really didn't get the recognition it deserves. It's a heavy album with a simple title...the popmart tour really gave this album life...U2 live...no one does it better!
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