Jul 18 1997
Rotterdam, NL / Feyenoord Stadion
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A day to remember!
I remember this show for three things: - Skunk Anansie making even more noise than U2, my lord, what a loud set of songs they played! Hurt the ears! (the voice on that woman doesn't need any amplifier, let me tell ya!) - Bono shaking my hand during the middle section of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. It may be a bit weird for a 1.95m/25yo guy (at the time) to be happy about that, but it just sticks out in my memory, knowing that 50,000 other people there would have been happy too, to shake his hand during concert. :-) It was a very brief and very small way, as a fan, to 'say' thanks for all the joy their music gave me, and was still going to give me in the years to come. - The weak sound recording of the 30 minutes of that concert that was broadcasted on TV that night didn't do justice to the mountain of noise our guys made in De Kuip that night. I will never forget this concert!
totally soaked to see the best show on t
It was my first U2 show at 6:00 in the morning we stood in front of the feyenoord football stadium, it rained until 22:00, totally soaked. U2 started at 22:00, I was at the front against the fence. The show was great, the sound was great, and the performance of please was so good it was never surpassed in their later shows. I was there and it left an indelible impression. The day later I went again, and on August 23, I saw popmart live for the last time
wet, and sexy!
I'll never forget this. It was raining. And the soaked guy next to me whispered into my ears. About things one can do during the song Please.
It rained before the show,the stage was wet,the seats were steep, the position was fantastic & the sound was one of the best in a stadium I have ever been too....."Please" was an outstanding performance......I drank too much beer :)
This was the first show i saw with my girlfriend who turned out to become my lovely wife! Since that show we saw several others all over europe! Still; The Kuip is the best Stadium in the Netherlands. The Lemon, WHAT a SHOW!!!
martin van der veen
European tour opener
After 16 years still excited to visit a U2-show. This time the european tour opener at the Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip in Rotterdam again. Loved it; as allways.
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