Aug 16 1997
Neustadt, AT / Airfield Wiener
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My ever first ...
... live show, which was the point where all began for U2 & me. Without having videos it makes it feel far away, from another place and - indeed - another time. There is one single Youtube video of Streets, for which I am very glad it exists. Are there more photos or videos on this gig somewhere? I would be very happy with updating my memories. cy@Berlin2017 :-)
My sixth :)
My PopHeart...
brings memories back..., my first show ever, after an almost a decade of waiting to see boys live. That was exraordinary for me, we, from croatia had cheeper tickets... so much emotions, positive energy, we're so tired, a huge adrenalin wave keep us awake whole night on way back home... Thanks for unforgettable memories...
For the first time.....
I will never forget August 16th 1997 when I saw U2 for the first time. Extraordinary night...... Thank you for being here all these years.....thank you for all magnificent shows… I’m looking forward for 2010 shows! natasa
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