Aug 28 1997
Park Leeds, GB / Roundhay
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Wet pop
What a day rain rain and more rain, laughter when Edge sang singing in the rain, fantastic concert the huge lemon the set the scene , why the park is not used for venues anymore is silly , could you imagine the claw at the park ? Looking forward to more
First U2 concert
It was my birthday and we travelled up to Leeds from Southend. Absolutely pissed it down with rain before the concert. Amazing concert but the best moment was when I sat on my brothers shoulders for "Streets" and ended up holding the hand of girl next to me who I didnt even know! Two complete strangers singing our hearts out to each other! That sums up for me the power of U2!!!
Running to a.......rolling down the hill
The Spectacle of technology did not take away any of what was one of the best U2 shows ive seen. Richard and i were at the front (again!!) soaked through and loving every minute of it.
If a thundercloud passes rain!
We stood high up on the grass bank, with a fine view of the Pop Lemon! Scouse band Cast were a brilliant support that "summer" afternoon. The heavens opened and the rain poured down, and when the big guys swaggered on stage the whole audience had a mysterious steamy mist about them. I remember dancing and jumping like a loon to Discotheque. we were soaked to the skin, but did we care......xxx
Wonderful show, spent the day queueing, well worth it got in the front, highlights, Little Mofo, PLEASE = how emotional.......the Lemon, lol, and my best bud shouting out "BONO, I LOVE YOU" in a really quiet moment. Ahh memories xx
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