Oct 29 1997
Minneapolis, MN, US / Metropolitan
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Metrodome = Echos
The show was definitely POP and a great song set. I remember Smash Mouth opening the show and no one was very impressed. They cut their set short and the lead singer was like, "I thought this was the F-ing Metrodome man!" or something like that. The Metrodome acoustics were horrible as usual, but that didn't completely spoil the gigantic video screen or the lemon shaped disco ball.
U2 POPs the Metrodome
U2 barely fits in our stadium, but then again they barely fit in this universe. U2 is so big the biggest tv ever is their back drop. A huge stadium tour and they can make it feel intimate when they play songs like 'please'. The band shows of their genius when bono's lyrics soar and the bands notes bleed between please and streets. Just cant get enuff of that lovie dovie stuff. . .U2 the soundtrack of my life.
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