Nov 8 1997
St. Louis, US / Transworld Dome
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talk about....POP MUSIK
i remember lucking out with the line tickets and being 11th at the ticket outlet to buy tix!!! 12 row from stage!!!! I remember telling my then wife-"wear comfortable shoes" she said "shoes?" I said "HELL YES , we wont be sitting down, dammit!!!!" I remember having two countdown calenders at work- countdown to wedding and countdown to POPMART, and talking about it constantly till the show happened!!! then......the show!!! the boys going throught the audience on the way to the stage , with Bono being the boxer- MOFO!!! I WILL FOLLOW!!! (what a treat!!) the Edge solo with Sunday Bloody Sunday!!!! the harmony of Edge and Bono singing Staring at the Sun- AMAZING!!! SO, SO MANY INCREDIBLE MOMENTS. The lemon- the boys coming out of it, Discotheque!!! Streets (as usual) and last but not least- HMTMKMKM!!!!!- a gigantic surprise!! NEVER WILL FORGET THE SHOW!!!
High Energy Crowd
In this show, the performance of "One" transcended any other I have seen. The sound, the graphics, all complemented the lyrics perfectly. Haven't seen anything else like the giant lemon, and "Satellite of Love" with the Lou Reed projection worked perfectly. As good a stadium show I've seen..(until Sept 12, 2009!). The opening act was Third Eye Blind. Good job for a band that only had one or two hits at the time. Always remember their intro to "I Want Someting Else"..."This is a song about drugs and f**king"
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