Nov 2 2001
Philadelphia, PA, US / First Union Center
with Stereophonics
Fan Review

U2,  11/03/2001, Philadelphia,  by Colleen

I just saw U2 last night in Phildelpha, I swear this was the best show that I have ever seen in my whole life. They played all the good songs. And the tribute to NYC and the people aboard the planes and FDNY and all was amazing. U2 puts on the best shows! :)

U2, 11/2/01 by WildhorsesU2

It is impossible to describe a U2 show to someone who has never been to one.  I just got home and I can still hear Bono's voice: alle alle alle alleluia, Edge's guitar: the opening to Streets, watching Larry play on the large screen, Adam smilling at the crowd's reaction.   I am always amazed at the passion of U2's music, and tonight's show was as passionate as any before.  They have truly earned the greatest band title, if that is what they want.  From Elevation, to Bad, to Bullet the Blue Sky and finally Walk On, there was never a lull, never a song that lost the crowd.  As usual, the band performed an intense set, with virtually no breaks between most songs. Bono was energetic, passionate and yes, as sexy as ever.  Thank you, U2 for bringing your talent, your commitment to peace and freedom back to Philadelphia and to America. 

U2, November 2nd, First Union Center, Philadelphia by Shannon Collins

I walked inside the First Union Center with my parents behind me with the impression that because our seats were pretty far away, we would be missing out.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Any seat at a U2 concert is a good seat.  I hadn't seen U2 live before so I wasn't quite sure of what to expect.  Never have I experienced such a strong vibe of emotions coming from a crowd.  Everyone was on their feet singing, and the stadium echoed in unison.  The whole band is amazing on stage...they were born to be live.  The seizurific lights alone were worth the ticket expenses!  When they played "One" and began to scroll the names of the victims from 9/11 on a screen it was beyond powerful.  Every name that ran up the screen within a few seconds was an individual person who we are all deprived of now...it was a great show of respect and at that point I could see that my parents were highly impressed with U2 and their musical and visual impact.  They closed the night with "Walk On" and couldn't have put together a better blend of songs.  Finally a band that has mastered perfection. 

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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Tribute to those lost in 9/11 attacks
This concert will be forever embedded in my heart and soul. The raw emotion of the audience AND U2 during this concert was something I had never felt before. When Bono opened up his leather jacket to reveal an American flag on the inside of it, the tears started flowing. Then when he took it off and placed it inside out over the microphone stand and the names of all those lost in the attack came rolling across the audience, there wasn't a dry eye there. I looked over to my brother-in-law who was standing next to me and saw tears streaming down his face, too. U2 was sincere and didn't use that horrific day to line their pockets with money. Their emotion was as raw and true as us Americans. God Bless us all...
The Power of Hope
The timing of this concert was what I remember most. I had been living in NYC just prior to 9/11 and spent time volunteering with the Red Cross at Ground Zero around the same time as this concert. To watch the powerful way that the music, the band, and the audience connected at a venue so close to NYC less than 2 months after the attacks was really awe inspiring. This one night's performance and the band's tribute to those who died in the attacks is something that will forever be a part of my memories of that time. I think that through this post-9/11 tour, U2 provided a glimpse of God and the promise of hope which, in turn, helped a lot of people stand back up and prepare to "Walk On".
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