Nov 5 2001
Austin, TX, US / Frank Erwin Center
with No Doubt
Fan Review

U2, Austin Texas, November 5th by Lynnette Lombardo

I'm pretty sure the Austin crowd was singing louder than Bono himself, from "Eh!-leh!-vation!"...to "ooh-ohh Walk On."  U2 fans who had the opportunity to witness U2's radiant performance in Austin will undoubtedly have very sweet dreams tonight.  Every single member of this amazing band has a demanding presence--any U2 fan can agree with this, whether we're watching a video or flipping through the CD book. Well, now they're sounding and looking better than ever, and being vocal about politics more than ever.
Now imagine them belting out "New York." This band rocks and everybody knows it. I didn't think I was meant to see U2 on this tour.  I had tried to get tickets to Dallas and Houston, but failed, and I didn't even try to get tickets for the Austin show. I knew it would sell out (and it did). But luck was with me. BIGTIME luck. My friend's boyfriend didn't want to sit behind the stage, and I was the lucky substitute.  It doesn't matter what seat you have in the house, you'll get a pretty good view of the band. The heart-shaped stage is pretty cool, but I consider the back view of Bono a damn good seat!  I thank U2 and my very good friend for a memory that is forever imprinted in my own heart.

U2, Austin Texas, November 5th, by Heather Pray

The U2 clan stormed into Austin amidst ardent fans sleeping outside Erwin Centre in order to slap a wristband on and gain admittance inside the heart of U2. But no need to be inside the heart of U2, to feel the love. No matter where your seat was in the intimate Erwin Centre, Bono was able to throw his heart out to you and leave you feeling touched by someone who cares.

There are many bands that gained exposure in the 1980s trying to mooch off the nostalgia of their now wealthier target market and yet any new material they come up with can be categorised as near embarrassment; however, U2 produces new hits and holds onto the classics that placed them where they are today.

The incredible displays and the heart-shaped stage setup  only added to the emotions of the night. U2's energy combined with the igniting of the lights further intensified the emotions of the crowd to the point where one fan gave me a high-five and before leaving grabbed my hand and held it briefly as if we had experienced a near-religious moment. Which could be very true.

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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