Nov 7 2001
Denver, CO, US / Pepsi Center
with No Doubt
Fan Review

U2, Elevation 2001, Denver, November 7th by Chad Hartshorn

I was fortunate to have the pleasure of seeing U2 on their return engagement to Denver. Seeing them in April at the same venue offered a little knowledge as to what one might expect from one of rock and roll's premier touring bands.
When U2 is in town...any town...it is a cultural event...and everyone is in the "all is one" state of mind...U2 helped that feeling go up over the top...from the opening notes of Elevation...into a dreamy...spirit-lifting Beautiful Day...all of us knew we were in for another extraordinary evening...one lucky fan made it up on stage to join the band in the Dylan tune All Along The Watchtower...a song seamless to our times...during Sunday Bloody Sunday...Bono lifted an American flag up from a fan within the heart-shaped stage...he prayed with his head bowed into the flag...and then gracefully handed the flag back to the fan...and I might add that during New York...which was stirring...emotionally...I was brought to tears...also...I don't believe I saw a dry eye near me during One...one of their encores...suffice to say...U2 brings the hope...U2 brings the faith...and for all to absorb...maybe they don't have the answers...but I believe they have a plan...that plan is Peace...thanks for lifting us up U2.

U2, Elevation 2001, November 7th, Denver by  Gregg Sandahl

U2 hit the stage with a fury fed from voices singing in unison to All You Need Is Love by the Beatles. But this was no mop top Rickenbacker show. The Edge strapped on the Gibson Explorer to feed a fire that blazed through Elevation, Beautiful Day, Until The End Of The World, and New Year's Day as the crowd and the Rocky Mountains shook from rooftop to the basement with a love suffused by grace. Bono declared that he had "that Red Rocks kind of feeling," lurking around the heart in a swagger that rival'd the lizard king. Out of Control brought the audience to the "garden gates" with Bono relaying his fight with fate and the A & R freaks. Larry and Adam broadened the Edge's sonic terrain, rhythmically doing the math and leaving it all behind�loose change for the discombobbled to rearrange. And change it was, constantly sublime in a Denver flurry that took Kite and Bono to his lyrical best; Watchtower, a song that began as Dylan's and finished as U2's and yes, Please; harrowing in the chill of All I Want Is You, Streets, Found, Pride, on through to the bite of Bullet; of which my brother said, "It was good to hear that song minus the hoorah. The song meant something again like it did from the very first." What's Going On led to the shadowplay of New York, One, and the names of September scrolling into the ultraviolet heavens. Walk On.

U2, Elevation 2001, Denver, November 7th by Susie Ackerman

I feel so lucky to have experienced the U2 concert in Denver on November 7 as I missed their spring concert at the Pepsi Center for personal reasons.  I never thought I would see the Elevation tour live but my dream came true. 
U2 definitely delivered the goods.  They started the show with Elevation which is a great song "live".  The crowd was geared up right away demanding more.  The concert (like the band) kept getting better and better.  The first third of the show was like experiencing them for the first time. I enjoyed the new songs along with the old.   Before I knew it, I was transformed in time and was able to live "Rattle and Hum".  When a fan was pulled from the audience onto the heart ramp and Edge gave him his guitar, I recognized the familiar tune he started to play. I had secretly dreamed they would sing "All Along the Watchtower"and I was shocked and elated another dream of mine came true.  I didn't think it got any better than that. 
After a few more songs the light board behind the four Irishmen glowed "red" and their darkened silhouettes were very familiar.  I knew what was next as the blood in my veins rushed throughout my body and my heart pounded loudly in my chest as "Streets With No Name" pounded into the walls of the auditorium.  I always knew U2 is the best band ever and they confirmed they still "have it".
The last part of the show was so moving.  The lights enhanced the music to a higher level and all the people involved should be  commended.  U2 continued to surprise and elevate the fans visually and spiritually.  The skyscraper images on the sheer pieces of cloth that appeared out of nowhere were so effective during the song, "New York".   Hearing them sing "Walk On" at the end of their performance really made me feel inspired, thankful to be alive and able to totally open up my soul to such a high degree that feels better than any drug out there could do.
Thanks  to Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry for making some dreams come true in my life.  You make it look so easy.  You don't need wild clothes, outlandish hair, or any other gimmick to gain attention. Never lose your style. 

U2, Elevation 2001,Denver, November 7, by Charles Tayler

10 years to go to a U2 Concert.  Having experienced this show brought a lot of satisfaction in that it was a difficult, but worthwhile wait.  The show was very to the point...4 guys making music, true music.  This concert wasn't about theatrics, this concert was about talent.  I only wish they would have played 2 nights in Denver on this leg of the tour, I would have attended both.  The challenge now is, figuring out how to get to L.A. to see them again.  AWESOME!

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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Cathartic and Healing
Just two months after 9/11, U2 came to Denver. The show was an astonishing display of deeply felt grief and sadness, and also a powerful affirmation of the best of humanity, at a time when we were all still in the midst of so much loss. When "One" began, I didn't know what I was seeing at first: words scrolling across the screen behind the band, then past the screen and onto all of us, washing over the entire audience. The names of all those killed in NY and D.C., touching us, literally, as light and word and prayer. I couldn't stop crying. Art, in the deepest sense, does this: it transcends the artist and becomes part of a cultural conversation: it heals at the same time it challenges. U2 rose to occasion that night, and I suspect on many nights in the months after 9/11, helping all of us to heal just a bit. Incredible.
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