Nov 9 2001
Salt Lake City, US / Delta Center
with No Doubt
Fan Review

Salt Lake City, November 9, 2001 by Amy Quarnberg

It's a new experience to me to be basically running on no food or water for almost 16 hours and still be filled with energy.  We arrived at 7:00 a.m. and were met by almost 180 fans already there.  The local news and radio stations came to interview the fans.  They handed out American flags to make the heart patriotic.
In the last few hours, the fans took control to get rid of the many people cutting in line.  Maybe the unorganized staff was afraid of a riot, because, soon after, the police arrived.  But they honored the fan number system, and we were in.

Once I was in the heart, memories of freezing in line were gone.  I was right up to the stage.  After nosebleed seats in Denver, I couldn't even imagine the fact that U2 would be right there.  Even now that the show is over, I still can't imagine it.  Every song was amazing and heartfelt.  Especially Kite, I was dying to hear that live.  Although I did miss Mysterious Ways, In a Little While, The Sweetest Thing, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, and well, every other U2 song not played.  I wish it was longer.  But there is nothing like being inside the heart...jumping...screaming...feeling the music beat through you...and being oh (faraway!) so close to touching Bono's hand.  Bono made several tributes and mentions of 9/11, but my favorite had to be "Osama Bin Laden can kiss my royal Irish ass!'

The concert was very intimate and could even be called a spiritual experience.  I love U2!  Bono, The Edge, Larry, Adam ROCK ON!

U2, Elevation 2001,  Salt Lake City, November 9th  by Michael Loveridge

Although my tickets weren't anywhere close to the stage, my closeness to the music was enough to bridge that gap. Having seen the show once before, I was able to respect the many changes that the band has made to turn this performance inward.  A move made, I believe, in response to our country's current crises.  Politics aside, visions from the show will last with me forever.  Images such as Bono embracing Old Glory as if she were his first and only love and then embracing a beautiful girl pulled from the crowd (who happened to embrace a handful of Bono's butt) will shine in my mind as a symbol of a band that has grown to love us as much as we love them.  More special, though, was the music, which truly was the focus of the evening and was performed to perfection.  Bono thanked us for giving him a good life, but really, we should thank them for giving us great music and bright memories.

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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