Nov 12 2001
Los Angeles, CA, US / Staples Center
with No Doubt
Fan Review

U2, Elevation 2001, Los Angeles, Monday November 12th by Allyson Shelly

Bono made me cry twice. First, when he took an American flag from the audience and hugged it.  He hugged us all when he did that. And when he sang One and all the names of the people on the airline flights and in the World Trade Center appeared on a screen behind him.  He made me laugh when he took the girl, who got to play guitar with them on stage, away from Edge and Edge went after them. The lucky lady got hugs from both of them.
We "made it a church" and sang our hearts out with them.  Bono said "it was a privilege to play in America right now". It is our privilege to have them here.
I stood in the rain in order to get as close to the stage as I could. I think it was the best concert experience with them that I have ever had.
It doesn't matter if you are close or far away. U2 brings you home.
Thank God for U2.

U2, Elevation 2001, Lost Angeles, Monday November 12th by  Michael  Weiss

Monday Night in Los Angeles was my third visit to an Elevation show or any other U2 show ever for that matter. Still electrifying and emotional, but there were a few bumps in the road.
For one, the Staples Center is a cavernous place and tends to absorb alot of sound or throws it back at you off of it's steel ceiling. Also Bono's mic was experiencing problems the first third of the show.

So those two elements along with the absence of "Stay", "With or Without You", "The Fly" or "All I Want" from the set list took a bit of the emotion from the show. Also the choice of songs in first encore set was a bit devoid of feeling. "Bullet" doesn't evoke as much passion without the Charlton Heston video, "New York" is better suited in the filling of the show rather then the frosting and "What's goin' On" with Gwen Stefani felt a bit of salesmenship. Those three spots filled by some of the aformentioned numbers would bring the show to a resounding climax with the always emotional "One"
and the closer of "Walk On".
But least you get me wrong. Hanging out with the greatest band in the world for two hours is still a high like no other. The thoughts, emotional messages and sonically soaring U2 spirit are enough to lift your soul anytime, anywhere.

U2, Elevation 2001, Los Angeles, November 12th by  Kelly McMahon

I go to a lot of concerts, but the one U2 has put together for this leg of the Elevation Tour has got to be one of the all-time best!  Even though they have already worked their way to the top of the entertainment industry in terms of great music, the band doesn't take it easy when it comes to their concerts.  The 20-song set they put on at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night was one of the most energy-filled and emotional performances I've ever seen.  Instead of taking it easy and playing short, lifeless shows like a lot of top-level bands do, U2 gives it their all each and every night.  The ticket was worth every penny - and then some!  A few memorable moments from the night included Bono's extended embrace of an American flag handed to him by a fan, his inviting an audience member to play guitar with the Edge during a heartfelt version of People Get Ready, the stirring words of MLK Jr. at the end of Pride, and the tear jerking tribute to the victims of the 9/11 tragedy through One.
 In the middle of this horrible time that the United States is going through these days, it's nice to see
that we have the support of so many -   especially
those as talented, thoughtful, and caring as the greatest band of our generation, U2.

U2, Elevation 2001, Los Angeles, Monday November 12th, by Amy Masgai

U2 did it. They aren't calling it the Elevation tour for nothing. To be amongst thousands of people in the Staples Center for the first night of the Los Angeles performances was Elevating.  Even where I was seated, I felt the energy, the fire and the spark that makes U2 feel like my Rock Star family.
Bono was as always producing the best vocal sound in rock.  The Edge was in truly genius form - his concentration and talents with the guitar still amaze me.
The beauty of the show was the simplicity combined with the countless fun and warm lighting effects, topped off by the most astonishing set list I could have imagined. I'd heard the rumors, but to hear "Sunday Bloody Sunday" in person is so powerful.  And the beautiful duet of the not often heard "Please" was the sweetest treat of the night even for those who weren't familiar with the song.  "Bullet the Blue Sky" live is a phenomenal song. You can tell that the band loves to play it as much as the audience loved to hear it.
Their final encore performance of "One", was so moving and so loving - it is not something I will soon forget.  Thank you U2 for remembering the lost.
The show is a memory I'll carry always. I enjoyed the Pop tour and I saw it twice. But Elevation is astonishing.  I'm plotting a course for Sacramento even as I write this. Once just isn't enough!

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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