Nov 13 2001
Los Angeles, CA, US / Staples Center
with No Doubt
Fan Review

U2, Elevation 2001, Los Angeles, November 13th by Tammi Turner

I went in April to Anaheim.  I went in August to Slane.  I went again Tuesday night to Staples Center.  Three shows on the same Elevation Tour.  Definitely not the same show three times.  Last night was the ultimate U2 experience that I have been waiting for since 1985,  when I was 16 and seeing U2 in concert for the first time.  I finally had floor seats.  And U2 made this long time fan's dream come true with an incredible and emotion-filled concert.  There were high energy songs ('Elevation', 'I Will Follow'), the very personal 'Kite', the heartfelt emotion of 'One' paired with the tribute to September 11th victims.  I was taken aback and had to fight the tears.  I knew Bono was going to say something about 9/11, but I certainly didn't expect what U2 did.  Bono has said a few words at each concert.  In the spring, it was about Edge breaking a guitar string and buying a house in Malibu.  At Slane, it was about the death of his father.  Tuesday night he spoke of world events.  Fans might recall a live recording a while back, when Bono, again speaking of world events, asked the audience, " Am I bugging you?"  When he spoke last night, we were, as post-Sept. 11th Americans, finally ready to listen.  I wasn't bugged at all.  It made me think.  No other band can give a fan all of this in one night.  U2 thanked the crowd repeatedly for coming.  We should be thanking them.  They didn't have to come to the US at this time, in this turmoil.  They didn't have to give tribute to our victims.  Yet that's what this group of Irishmen did.  To experience all of this energy and emotion was incredible........but to experience all the energy and emotion AND have Bono and the Edge right there in front of you, like 5 feet away--that was mind blowing!

U2, Elevation 2001, Los Angeles, November 13th by Kristine Machuca

I went to My first U2 show last night at the Staples Center after being a fan for most of my life, thanks to my dad. It was the best concert I have ever gone to in my 23 years of life. The whole arena was full of energy and love. I have never experienced something quite like that. I think it is wonderful how this band brought together all ages young and old with the message of love. I was brought to tears as they sang "One" and the names of all the people who perished in the horrific tragedy were listed.
This was a very moving experience and now I really know why I have always adored this band.  God Bless You!

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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