Nov 16 2001
Oakland, CA, US / Arena
with No Doubt
Fan Review

U2, Elevation 2001, San Francisco, November 16th by Miranda A J Claydon

This show was probably the most fantastic U2 show I have seen. It was my 9th U2 show ever- the 4th U2 Elevation show. My seats were incredible- row 2 right by the heart! Oh my God I screamed when I saw how close I was!

The whole band was really on it tonight. Last night Bono's voice wasn't quite up to par, but tonight he was sounding incredible.

Edge's guitar sounded amazing and everything was perfect.

At one point, Bono brought up someone from the audience who played guitar and they played some of "A Sort of Homecoming" that was so intense. I have always loved the album Unforgettable Fire, so to hear that song was the most special treat ever. Whoever the guitar player was; God bless him. He did a great job and deserved all the applause he received.

Bono and Edge did some great acoustic playing including "All I Want is You". Wow. It was so moving. Another great treat was "Slow Dancing" that they played instead of "Peace on Earth". It really went well with the mood of the entire night and the whole crowd.

This night during the encore I really was moved when they played "One" and "Walk On" and the whole audience was there with them. Bono made everyone elevated and the whole show was incredible.

Thank you U2 for being the best band in the world

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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