Nov 18 2001
Las vegas, NV, US / Thomas & Mack Center
with No Doubt
Fan Review

U2, Elevation 2001, Las Vegas, November 18th by Chris Cook

Thank You, thank you, thank you...that's all I can say to U2.  What a show, what a night.  So many emotions, such showmanship.  I first would like to say that I have never seen the Thomas & Mack center so packed.  We were stuffed all the way to the rafters which is very unusual for Vegas.  There was a palpable energy in the arena, which is also very unusual for Vegas.  The band brought the best out in us the way no other band has here, we stood for the entire show, we had seats, but we didn't need 'em.  The show was a good mix of old and new, personal highlights were 'Bad', 'Until The End of The World', and 'Walk On'.  I was also very moved during 'One' when the names of all the victims of the terrorist attacks 9-11 were scrolling accross the screens.  If anyone knows the heartbreak of Terrorism, it's U2, for they have put up with terror in a fractured Ireland for many years.  U2 thanked us for the privilege of having them here, but it is I that feels the need to thank them for coming here.

U2, Elevation 2001, Las Vegas, November 18th by Don Brown Sr

The crowd roared as U2 went into Elevation then Beautiful Day. During Until Then End Of The World the heart shaped ramp was well used by Bono & Edge.    The band reached back to the early days for New Years Day,I Will Follow & Sunday Bloody Sunday.  The ramp lit up for Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of. Before Kite Bono talked of things that happened to him in Vegas. And how proud and Humbled the band is to be touring America at this time.
Bono & Edge played as a duet on Wild Honey, People Get Ready (except for one lucky fan) & Please. Adam & Larry returned to the stage for All I Want Is You, Where The Streets Have No Name and Pride before U2 left the stage.
Quickly returning for Bullet The Blue Sky,  What's Going On with Gwen Stefani And New York featuring a video scroll of the people we lost in the September 11th tragedy. Another quick exit and return to perform One & Walk On left U2 fans exhausted and happy.

U2, Elevation 2001, Las Vegas, Nov. 18, 2001 by  Amy Quarnberg

Thanks for giving me a good excuse to take a road trip to Las Vegas.  We came from the cold rocky mountains to the desert land of the joshua trees.  It feels so weird to have so many complete strangers wave and talk to you just because you're wearing a U2 shirt.  I love it. :)

Waiting in line was a lot better this time.  I guess it's because we weren't freezing, and the event staff was actually organized.  But not until you get the wristband, does the life start.  We ended up outside
the heart, on the right side...near the tip.   I know Bono saw the guy
with the green glowstick "U2" taped to his head...lol...he was in my group. ;)

All of the songs were amazing.  I especially enjoyed Until the End of the World and Wild Honey because they happened right in front of me.
This is my third U2 concert, but I will never get over the shock of being so close to them.  There's nothing like it.  The crowd didn't seem as energized as Salt Lake City.  Maybe it's because of all the rich
people...I've never seen so many limos in my life.   I don't care
though, the crazy fans were there too, and I was one of them.  There were so many highlights of the concert I don't think I could name them all...the lucky girl that was pulled up on stage, an "I (love) NY" shirt being placed on the mic stand, the flag during Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bono's speeches...


U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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