Nov 20 2001
Sacramento, CA, US / Arco Arena
with No Doubt
Fan Review

U2, Elevation 2001, Sacramento, November 20th by Danielle Scott

I was extremly thrilled to find out that U2 would stop in Sacramento, CA at the last min after trying unsucessfully to get tickets when they had dates in San Jose, CA  and Oakland, CA.  This was my second time to see them since Popmart. Suffice to say, the concert went very well with No Doubt rocking the arena and getting everybody pumped up! After No Doubt, everybody was awaiting in excitement for the boys to come out and play by stomping on the arena floors which sounded like a loud thunder storm or earthquake. When they finally arrived everybody quickly got up and stood for a good 2 hours singing along and claping like some gigantic karaoke bar. Even tho I did not get a chance to fondle Bono like the lucky touchy feely girl that Bono brought up to the stage (which everybody got a good laugh about), but again I felt like I was closer to heaven listening to Bono's angelic voice dueling with The Edge haunting guitar playing  while Larry and Adam were having a blast rocking our world! Thank you again U2 for letting me be a part of your beautiful and unique music.

U2, Elevation 2001, Sacramento, November 20th by Tony Frates

This was my first U2 show.  I have been a fan of the band for many years but never got to go to a show.  I drove 3 hours to Sacramento just to see what all of the hype was about.  I was one of the lucky 300 who got to stand inside the heart.  When Bono came out he looked over the crowd and whispered "wow" he got on a knee and said a prayer then he began to sing.  I was so moved my his humble manner.  Bono gave everything that night.  I have never before been moved at a concert until this show.  U2 made me feel so much, I was moved, and choked up when they sang Peace on Earth, Please, and Pride.
Bono is a  man with real feelings, and I have never felt what I felt at this show.  On that night I felt warmth and love shared by 18,000 people and four band mates.  This is truly, the best band I have ever seen!  I only question myself as to why it took so long for me to finally get to see them live?

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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A Beautiful Day
This is the show that I was 7 months pregnant at. So technically it was my son's first concert :) and it was in my hometown. I'd waited years for them to come to Sacramento. No Doubt opened up and I was amazed at their performance. It reminded me of my old ska days. At one point the entire crowd was jumping and dancing together to the beat....I'll never forget that. U2's show was flawless. Highlights for me were Elevation and Beautiful Day. Our seats were amazing, so close to the Edge. I also remember being blown away by the light show. Willie Williams is a genius. This was also the first show that made me really feel like I was in a "church" and that we were all there to entertain some higher force. Not being a religious person, this was the closest I've ever come to a "religious experience." I stood on my feet the whole times, dancing and singing. I felt inspired and those songs still bring those emotions to the forefront of my mind. I wore my concert shirt to the delivery room, and it's still the one I grab when I need something comfortable. It wraps me in those warm memories of a good time and my reminds me of precious little boy.
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