Nov 23 2001
Phoenix, AZ, US / America West Arena
with No Doubt
Fan Review

U2, Elevation 2001, Phoenix, November 23rd by Jeff Richards

On Friday, Nov. 23, 2001, four familiar guys from Dublin made an appearence here in Phoenix, AZ. They have been frequent visitors to our city over the years. The first two dates on The Joshua Tree Tour were at the then ASU Activity Center, where Bono stated his support for a state holiday honoring the late Martin Luther King, Jr. be enacted into law here in Arizona. And, the last two gigs of the same tour back in late 1987 were at Sun Devil Stadium (right next to what is now Wells Fargo Arena) where part of "Rattle and Hum" was filmed and recorded. However, the show that U2 put on 11/23/01 topped them all!

The band was in fine form; even better than their April 28th concert at America West Arena. Bono "The Elevation Man", shouted, howled, screamed, crooned, pranced, strutted, ran and walked better than he ever has! He used his voice and presence to full and hypnotic command to get the audience stuck in a moment of complete brillance. The highlights of the set for me were "Out Of Control" and a excellent acoustic version of "In God's Country"
(a most appropriate selection for AZ!). After that tune, Bono remarked to Edge, "That's the first time we've done that , in what, fifteen years?"
Actually, it was 14, but a thrill it was to hear it anyway!

Thrills abounded that night for all who were in attendence at AWA!
For a "Supergirl" from Salt Lake City who was plucked from the floor crowd by Bono to do an impromptu performance of "I Shall Be Released" with Edge and Bono. The stage appearence of towering Arizona Diamondbacks star pitcher Randy Johnson with the World Series Championship Trophy - which produced an electric roar  throughout the arena. The steadiness and brillance of drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. and bassist Adam Clayton. The sheer joy of the Edge thrashing and plucking his guitar, and excitingly slapping the outstreched hands of front row fans.

A beautiful,poignant, touching night for all! Rock On and Great Job!

U2, Elevation 2001, Phoenix, November 23rd by Marisela Weathers

I attended the 11/19 show in L.A. and had very good seats but words cannot describe what I experienced in the heart at Phoenix.  The entire time I felt as if the band was there to play for us "the few" in the heart.  At one point, Bono made eye contact with me for a few seconds as he sang "All I want is you."  Bono interacted with our "group" all night.  On one side of me Heather was pulled up on stage to play with Bono and Edge, on the other side of me Bono took a book from a fan, commented on it to both of us and kept it in his back pocket the rest of the night.  I will never forget how he took the U.S. flag from a little girl and hugged it.  The pictures I got of that night are incredible!!  I wish Bono could see the picture I took of him hugging our U.S. flag, it has brought tears to the eyes of almost everyone who has seen it.  I just want the band and Bono to know that they have deeply touched my soul and changed my life.  I have been to hundreds of concerts but never have I seen a band so giving to their audience.  I cried all the way home to L.A. where I had to be at work the next morning at 8am.
Thank You U2, Thank You Bono. See you in Tampa.  I truly had an "elevating"
experience.  You are a gift.

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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