Nov 28 2001
St. Louis, US / Savvis Center
with Garbage
Fan Review

St Louis by Ginger Alexander

The first word that comes to mind is AWESOME!   Next comes incredible, innovative, fresh, alive, thought-provoking and simply - The BEST!
This was my 5th U2 concert.  PopMart was interesting, experimental, touching on subjects people didn't seem to grasp...Zooropa- the cars, the flashy attitudes, information overload - breathtaking and inspiring in it's own way - but nothing, no previous tours from U2 equals Elevation!

I had great seats-there wasn't a bad seat in the place.  The noise level from ecstatic fans was incredible.  I've never been to a concert where the fans showed their appreciate that much.   And the appreciation was so well deserved.  The band had an unstopable aura - every song they played was embraced by the crowd.  They were energetic, playful and passionate from the moment they stepped on the stage to the very end!

There was no "favorite" part of the concert for me.  Although "One" and "Peace On Earth" while the giant video listed the names of every person who lost their lives in the 9-11 Tragedy was one of the best tributes I've seen.  You could see and hear that the band's hearts were really there.
They took us with them.

We witnessed a concert that will be talked about for a long time...memories to keep and share.  My thanks to U2 for coming to St. Louis.   You definitely "elevated" thousands! U2 - "The Band of the 80's" has now become "The Band of the New Millennium".

U2, Elevation 2001, St Louis by Paul McNally

This was flat out one fantastic show! I didn't think they could top Zoo TV at Busch Stadium under a clouded, damp, red sky, but they did.  The memories I have from Zoo TV will probably never totally be topped, because of the
friends I was with, one of whom has since died.    However, my wife and I were entertained beyond possibility with Elevation 2001. I am so thankful I got to share the experience with the woman I love.  The opportunity to see
U2 at a true concert venue, not an expansive dome, shows U2's true talent.
They are the best live band...period.  The crowd just feeds off the energy they provide.  They could have parked a flat bed truck in the Savvis Center, plugged in an amp, and we'd still all go nuts.  A truly outstanding version of "Knocking On Heaven's Door" with a fan playing guitar and another on keyboard, was just one of many memories.  What really shows how lasting this band is, are songs like "I Will Follow", which can be heard over and over again and still sound fresh and new.  This tour is how U2 should be seen and heard, raw and in your face. I can't thank U2 enough for adding St. Louis to the tour, and please come back next time!

St Louis by Sarah LeMaster

Bono and the gang have done it again!  Add the Elevation Tour to their long list of impressive accomplishments.  I have long been a fan of U2 but am ashamed to say that this was my first time to see them perform live.  I could not have picked a better show to see!  The band opened up with their electrifying anthem "Elevation" and never looked back.  They played new picks from their latest album and great standards from albums past.  As The Edge broke into the mesmerizing guitar lead in for "Where the Streets Have No Name" the crowd went crazy.  Bono ran around the heart-shaped catwalk two times before he broke into that memorable line "I want to run......I want to hide."  
U2 did a phenomenal job of connecting with the fans and seemed to want to help us all heal. The Beatle's "All You Need is Love" rang out in the beginning of the show  while near the end we were soothed with the familiar lyrics of "One."  A touching tribute emerged as some of the names of those killed on Sept. 11 scrolled over the stage as Bono sang of "One love, one blood, one life."
I was fortunate enough to be one of the few that watched (in awe) from inside the heart but I can't help but think that everyone in the Savvis Center Wednesday night did not feel at some point or another that U2 was playing just for them.  I am afraid that this show has ruined me for all other concert experiences.  This will be tough to top!

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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We were in the post-concert motorcade!!
Strange, but true. My wife and I bolted during the last song of the show and were one of the first cars out of the parking garage. While waiting to turn west from 16th St onto Market St., some idiot decides to go around us before the traffic light gives us the green arrow. The light turns green, we start to turn west on Market and another car tries passing us, this time they pull out into the oncoming eastbound traffic. Ah Hell No! I floor it, not again. As were speeding down Market, we look over into this car to see who the hell is driving like such an ass. To our surprise, we are looking eye to eye with Bono and the Edge in the back seat of their S500. WTF!! Their car eases off the accelarator and files in behind us now. My wife and I look at each other, then quickly realize that the car that initially passed us in now directly in front of us and it is another S500 with Adam and Larry in the back. In front of them are police cars leading the motorcade. Looking behind us we also see a lot of police following Bono and the Edge's car. I decide it's probably not a good idea to stay in this motorcade too long, so I pull off and watch as Bono and the Edge fly by us with odd looks on their faces, closely trailed by many of STL's finest. We should have just stayed in the motorcade, gone to the hotel, and partied with them that night.
POST 9/11
yes!!! the show came to my hometown, St. Lou!!! the world was DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT after 9/11 and so was the show!! I VIVIDLY remember Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses . And, the biggest memory is STREETS with the names of the victims scrolling - tears STREAMING down my face, as was true for everyone else!!! So, so emotional. Another magical night seeing my favorite band!!!
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