Nov 30 2001
Atlanta, GA, US / Philips Arena
with Garbage
Fan Review

Atlanta by Jason Schoellen

After seeing U2 in Atlanta on March 30th, I didn't think that show could be topped.  But if anybody could best their own amazing performance, it was U2.  After kneeling and making the sign of the cross, Bono rose up and exploded into what would be the most spiritual and energetic show I have seen or heard yet.  The energy from the band and the entire arena was a bond that only strengthened as the show progressed.  The newly acquired fifth member of U2, Richard, was pulled from the crowd and was Edge's shadow as he plugged away in People Get Ready, even singing some soul on backup vocals.  His performance took the show to another level as the crowd further realized the unity we have with the group.  During Pride, Bono saw my small, humble American Flag with three words inscribed on it -- Peace on Earth -- and gently grasped it, raising it above his head under the spotlight.  The band dedicated a soothing take of My Sweet Lord to the recently departed George Harrison before noting that the arena was a house of believers.  Being in the heart, I was thrown into a pit of uplifting energy, but I am confident the whole arena felt it as even people in the nosebleed seats were singing and dancing.  Bono felt it, too, as he noted before walking off the stage..."this night was special for us."  Yes, for every single one of us...and I wish it could have lasted forever.

Atlanta by Wendy

AMAZING & ELECTRIC.....the only way to describe the boys at Phillips Arena this past friday night.  Coming off an end of tour party in Atlanta on Thursday night they carried over the party mode to the show on Friday night.....Bono standing at the stage starting off with an acoustic version of "My Sweet Lord" was just breathtaking, then the rest of the band kicking in then the entire arena was on its feet singing along.  God bless you George Harrison.  The band continued with incredible energy all throughout the show.  Bono was in a most playful mood drop-kicking some plastic cups of water into the heart. A truely awesome show! Thanks U2 for making it back to my hometown again.  Love Ya!

Atlanta by Sean Juman-Singh

Well what can I say except that the Greatest Rock Band On the Planet kicked Georgia's sweet ass. This was my 6th show of this year and it equalled or bettered all of the previous. This was the day the world first mourned the passing of George Harrison and Bono and the boys treated us lucky folk to an emotional ride that can't be described. After the rousing versions of Elevation and Beautiful Day, the band began it's Musical Journey through the past and present. Like the show in Baltimore, Bono brought a lucky guy on the stage and played Knocking On Heaven's Door. This was a spiritual moment and the crowd felt the emotional plug the band pulled. It was at this point that things picked up again. With Bad,Streets and then Pride- the band geared up for the encore setting the stage as they took a break. By now, we were all in a frenzy and when the opening chorus of Bullet rang out, goose bumps were felt by all. This was my last U2 concert of the year, but I will never forget it, as I'm sure the millions of fans worldwide will not either. After all, they are U2.

Atlanta by Iris Sarabia

This was  my second time seeing U2 on this tour.  I was able to see the show back in March when they were in Atlanta, and I thought that show rocked. But last night's performance, by far blew their March show out of the water.

This band never ceases to amaze me.  The energy, compassion and drive that these 4 men have been bringing to the stage over the past year is unbelievable.  I thank U2 for bringing this show back to Atlanta.  I was able to take my older sister to her first U2 concert.  And because of this, it made last night extra special.  My older sister introduced me to U2 back in the early 80's when I was just a young kid.  After that exposure I was forever hooked on the music that this band produces.  I felt that I would give my sister a chance to see the Greatest Band in The World to say thank you and to re-acquaint her to the music.  And boy did it ever.  We sang, we danced and we cried last night.
The set list was fantastic, and U2's cover dedication of "My Sweet Lord" to George Harrison was just fantastic.
Again, thank you U2 for adding Atlanta to this leg. It was much appreciated, welcomed and heartfelt.  And thank you for caring for your fans by allowing them to play along with you.
The show last night made me proud to be a U2 fan and American.  Keep up the good work!

Atlanta by Jarrett Tilton

Bono has said that music is the language of the spirit. Nowhere was this truer than last week in Atlanta where the bond between band and audience required no translation. In my humble opinion, this was one of the band's most emotional and uplifting shows on any of the three legs of this their most successful tour to date.  Soul cleansing, cathartic, and emotionally rejuvenating is how I would describe this show. It could also describe the huge impact this band has made on America - particularly since September 11th.

In my mind, this is what great rock & roll should be. As Bono has also said, "Great rock 'n' roll, the raw stuff, is pure joy. It's that sense of being alive, of being grateful for your pulse." This show brought out many of the emotions my wife and I have shared these past several months in a most healthy and uplifting way. There was a moment in the middle of 'Kite'
where an overwhelming feeling of joy overcame me. I looked heavenward and prayed to The Almighty not to let this moment end. I thanked him for blessing us with such a great band who always find a way to simultaneously challenge our ambitions while reminding us of the important things in life---family, friendship, each other.

My 4th show on the Elevation tour and by far the most memorable. My wife and I waited 7 hours in the GA line and were rewarded with a front row view of the stage just under 'The Edge' to the right front. Seeing them this close confirmed what I've known for some time. That celebrity does not overcome these guys. They are regular people just like you and me who happen to be extremely talented artistically and musically and who use these gifts to make our world (and theirs) a better place.

Jumping and screaming in unrepressed joy for 2 hours. The goal is 'El-e-vate my Soouul !!! (lost all self-control !!!)

Glancing to my left during 'One' as the names of the September 11th victims scrolled on the video wall and spotting Paul McGuiness next to me in the exit tunnel watching the show's finale. At the end of the song, I turned and said to him "Thanks Paul for bringing them back to Atlanta." He smiled and nodded.

Michael Stipe and Mike Mills of R.E.M. walking into the photographer pit and stopping directly behind us during 'Walk On'. Bono said at the end of the night that every time he thinks of Atlanta he thinks of R.E.M.

Almost catching a guitar pick from Dallas Schoo at the end of the show then shaking Edge's hand as he reappeared on stage in front of us.  My wife was behind me and she looked directly at him and whispered "Thank you." He blew her a kiss in acknowledgement.

Full version of 'My Sweet Lord' played in tribute to George Harrison who recently passed away. This brought back childhood memories in the early 70's when my parents played this song on the turntable in our living room.
The Beatle's impact on all of us will forever endure.

Acoustic version of 'Please'. What an appropriate song to sing with its pleading references to religious and political fanatics to end their evil deeds against civilization. Bono's voice was in fine form and he hit some of the higher notes in falsetto perfectly.

'Kite'. Dedicated to Bono's father and to Mike Mills' father who'd also recently passed away. This song has a way of flowing like waves in the sea.
You feel as though you're riding on top of the waves?

'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. Still as much passion as when they were 20. Larry's pounding drums and Adam's bass line its anchors.

'Until The End of The World'. Edge's rolling guitar riff near the end of the song and the sparring routine between he and Bono.

The emotional release of 'Bad' and the segue into 'Streets'. This was probably the highlight of the night as you could literally feel the entire arena rise in a sea of emotion in perfect tandem to Larry's drum roll?'I want to run. I want to hide. I want to tear down the walls that hold me tonight..'

'People Get Ready'. Guitar solo (again in front of us) by a fan, Richard, who absolutely blew it out of the water he played so well. When he finished Bono and Edge looked at each other and were stunned. Bono then put his arm around Richard and said to the crowd, "Richard the Lionheart." Later I learned he whispered to Richard, "You're going to be a great man."

Rousing versions of 'Out of Control' and 'Pride'. Youthful angst unleashed.
Martin Luther King on the video wall.  We will meet again in the Promised Land.

'Walk On'. Something about this song moves me in a special way. Leave the baggage behind, realize what's important in life, keep your head held high and march onward. A final close to a great night with 'Hallelujah. Halle, Halle-e-e-lu-u-jah!!

For us, for America, for the world: Thanks guys for a great life and we will 'wipe our tears away' and 'begin again.'

PS...Can't wait to hear the next album. Hurry back into the studio and please don't make us wait too long.


U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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