Jul 21 2005
Milan, IT / San Siro
with Ash, Feeder
Thank you for being part of our music film.' And what a film it should turn out to be, after a second great show in Milan.

The band kicked off Thursday's show by going straight into Vertigo, no introductions, no hesitations. It was a declaration of intent on this second night of filming for an upcoming DVD release.

'Last night was the first date,' enthused Bono, before reaching into the audience, borrowing someone's camera and taking their photo. 'Tonight is the high night of love.'

The Irish flags were everywhere in the San Siro - felt like home from home - and there were scores more banners with messages to the band from fans eager to see their work recorded in rock'n'roll history.

'I can't dance, Irish people can't dance,' explained the singer, after a blistering opening quartet of songs. 'Teach me to dance sexy people.'

Well, no surprises, the offer was eagerly accepted by 75,000 incredibly rhythmical Italians - along with famous faces like Cat Deeley and REM's Michael Stipe on the mix. Adam was as mellow as ever, strolling down the b-stage while Edge picked out his guitar lines on New Year's Day, Larry held the beat and Bono borrowed a flag to hang over his monitor.

In keeping with the spirit of the stadium, a football arrived at Bono's feet during Beautiful Day - the theme tune in the UK to Match of the Day for the past five years - which was handsomely returned to the crowd, with interest.

'We're making a DVD tonight,' explained Bono. 'Thank you for being part of our music film.'

Everyone clearly wants the vocal credit on the DVD - during 'Streets', Bono doesn't need to sing the chorus at all, such is the energy and volume of the audience. All I Want Is You is just as rousing a singalong while, with the magical stage-back revealing its true abilities, City of Blinding Lights opens to a huge reception.

The band have clearly loved being in Milan this week. 'Two great nights to be in U2. Thank You'.

It's a moving moment for Europeans to see one of the most famous logos in the world on Bono's t-shirt (see our picture) - the symbol of the London Underground, scene of terrorist attacks two weeks ago and more attempted attacks earlier in the day.

'Take out your phones..'

Within seconds the Italian night was lit up with tens of thousands of glittering cellphones which looks, as Bono puts it, like the Christmas tree he was hoping for.

This was a great show, which kept on getting greater. At the end of With Or Without You, the band stopped playing but the whole stadium kept the chorus going for what seemed like an age.

Adam, Larry, Edge and Bono gathered at the top of the stage to wave goodnight - a very special moment to a very special show. And then came the twenty piece orchestra for Original of the Species.

'This has been an amazing 2 nights. Thank you.'

All Because Of You
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3° encounter
Great quality of the concert!!! i was dreaming that night. Thank you U2.
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