Jul 23 2005
Rome, IT / Stadio Olimpico
with Ash, Feeder
Rome show in the Olympic Stadium caps a great week in Italy.

Music is a universal language, which is just as well as Bono spent much of tonight's show speaking Italian.  And as Electric Co illustrated, music is a language this band have been speaking fluently for so long.

'Something we wrote together when Edge was 17 and I was 18.' as Bono explained.

People had travelled from across Europe for tonight's show, with the local papers full of their stories - many had started queuing the morning of the day before the show. And as in Milan the Olympic Stadium was peppered with home-made banners testifying of 100% commitment to you know who: an Irish flag with 'U2' on it was raised high in the air from the pit throughout the show. 

And for much of the night, much to the delight of 70,000 Romans, Bono seemed at home in Italian, the band very much at home in Italy. 'Thank you for buying our tickets and standing in line. Thank you for giving us a great life.' 

'Only to be with you...' we all sang, as the lighters came out and balloons started floating through the night air.

'Another marrying song', is how All I Want Is You was introduced, the same way Elevation had been described earlier, while a shining version of Miracle Drug was very personally dedicated to 'someone very special who's here tonight, someone who communicates every other way - with his hands his feet his eyes. Your eyes say so much.'

As Bono leant back to back on Larry,  hammering the floor drum during Love and Peace, the band seemed more than delighted to be in Rome to complete a great Italian journey this week. With the tour more than half way over, new songs finding their way into the set and DVD shoots out of the way, it felt like a party tonight, like the tour can only get more exciting.

'As you enter this life
I pray you depart
With a wrinkled face
And a brand new heart'

'CoeXisT' is increasingly common amongst the banners, with lots of fans making this a centrepiece of their signs, doubtless responding to events in London of late. When the word was writ-large on the screen, it was with acute poignancy in light of the day's events in Egypt.

'Father Abraham
See what happened today
See what happened today
No more
No more..'

Seemed like  all hands in the house were clapping in time, every voice echoing the 'No more' -  Edge's vocal riding over the top. Seemed like in uncertain times, a U2 show is a good a place as any to be. Bullet featured snatches of Johnny Comes Marching Home and Please before a huge ovation greeted Miss Sarajevo with Edge's gentle piano  introduction.

'This song we want to dedicate to all the families... all the lives destroyed and broken by what happened today in Egypt. We would like to turn this song into a prayer.'

When Adam strode down to the b-stage for Streets, he found time to chat to fans who could barely believe their good fortune.

'Italy this is your moment,' explained Bono. 'Take out your phones light up the world...'
The campaign to fight poverty in Africa is not about left or right but 'We really need your help for Africa.'
'Italy,' he continued 'Is the most generous country to our band, Most generous people... that's why I cannot understand why Italy is giving the least.'

If Bono wanted his audience to redouble their efforts to persuade their government to find more funds to fight poverty,  he had a friend in high places to lean on.
'Somebody you know gave me these,' he explained, pulling out a rosary given
him by Pope John Paul II in 1999, on an earlier visit to Rome. 'A beautiful man. And in return... the holy father put on my fly shades and made a wicked face like this!'
'I'd like to thank John Paul for all the work he did on drop the debt.'

Here's what they played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome:

I Will Follow
Electric Co.
New Year's Day 
Beautiful Day
Still Haven't Found
All I Want is You
City of Blinding Lights
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own
Love and Peace
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Pride in the Name of Love
Where the Streets Have No Name

Zoo Station
The Fly
With or Without You

All Because of You

All Because Of You
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I was there
Unforgettable show.
U2//Out Of Control//Fan Club Hellas//
23/7/2005 ... 5 years ago 100 people from all over Greece went to Rome for the Vertigo Tour !!!! //Out Of Control//Fan Club Hellas// was there ! THANK YOU ... I will follow until the end of the world !!!
Dreaming out loud with U2!!!
My first U2 gig! What an exstraoridinary emotion!!!
One Concert to RuleThem All
This was my first U2 Concert. I moved from Brazil to Italy and it was my first opportunity to see U2 Live! Great concert, great band, unforgettable night.
My First u2 concert
This was my first u2 concert. I was 13 at the time...I can't remember the whole concert, but definetly Miss Sarajevo was really good! Great fun in Rome on 23/7/05!
bella roma
bellisima Roma!!!, said Bono when appeared in the concert!!! unforgettable. Miss Sarajevo was spectacular. Bono,s voice was with the ligths open,all i want is you....and vertigo twice; this concert was great and ,I,will never forget it. Roma is abeautiful city.I traveled to roma with my wife and we were in the concert toguether....since that day, she loves U2 ...thanks u2.
Awesome night in Rome
Was there 4 years ago, concert n. 3 for me in Rome, after ZOO TV and POPMART. Great, great night - great show; Bono's voice was perfect. Back then, I thought that U2 would never be so great again. Well, I was so much wrong. U2360 is, for me, even better than the Vertigo tour. Why? The new material is great - better than any HTDAAB song in my opinion. And songs like TUF and UV are played, which is great. But don't misunderstand me: that night in Rome was a truly great night. Bono sang All I want is you at no more than 1 or 2 meters from where I was. A memorable experience!
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