Aug 11 2005
Madrid, ES / Estadio Vicente Calderon
with Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs
For the final night in Spain on Vertigo//2005 the band kick off the Madrid show with a bang.
As the band walked on stage to a huge applause they started with Vertigo.

These Spanish shows have been a huge success and the audiences have been singing and joining in as much as possible. Madrid continued in the same way.
The band had a crazy arrival into Madrid with the most fantastic runner to the stadium we have seen. The police in Madrid got the band to the stadium on time with a fine ability to get 10 vehicles through the Madrid grid lock. Were they inspired by the gig?

With Electric Co. tonight The Edge joined Adam facing Larry on the main stage to rock out at the end of the song. Elevation saw the audience get completely behind the singing and added to the whole experience and sound.
Full of enthusiasm the Madrid audience went into their own 'Ole Ole' at the end of Beautiful Day and beautiful it was.

'Grandous cahones, we're a band from the north side of Dublin called u2 and its good to be here in such fine company,
And we're just getting started alright'

Only one show left after this gig and nobody seems to be slowing down or letting, the gigs are still as inspiring as ever.
During the day off Edges birthday was celebrated with a great night in Canne and a great birthday cake too.

'One of the great nights of our life was a concert in Madrid in 1987
Long time ago
And its great to feel that feeling once again'
'This is a song about the future and its dedicated to the scientists who are Dreaming up the future'
'There's a hospital here in Madrid
A children's hospital - I cant remember the name'
Bono then put his ear to the audience and the microphone to the audience too.
With that the chant starts from the audience, they know the name 
'Nino Jesus, nino Jesus'

Edge then starts into Miracle Drug, followed by Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, and Love & Peace which again features many of the audience on shoulders enjoying seeing the full band on the b-stages.

Tonight Larry plays the drum in a different position enjoying seeing his fans so close up.

Sunday Bloody Sunday, and Bullet were held with much respect and meaning by the Madrid audience.
'It says Coexist
A Beautiful piece of graffiti 
Something to hold on to 
Especially in the city of Madrid'
"Please, please get up of your knees
Oh America
Safe Home Johnny"
As the band started Miss Sarajevo
"We'd like to dedicate the songs to the families and friends who lost loved ones in London, Egypt and Turkey, 
But especially in the city of Madrid (huge applause)
Our Prayer is we do not want to become a monster in order to defeat a monster."
When the human rights text starts it is in Spanish, captivating the audience. This is the first time the text has been in Spanish as it was in Catalan in Barcelona, Basque in San Sebastian and now Spanish in Madrid.
During Streets Adam and his low riding bass move around the stage as does Bono and while walking back on the b stage to the 'ole oles' the audience were singing again, he pulls up two ladies with the Spanish 'Make Poverty History' banner - Pobreza Cebo

Bruce turns out the lights as the phones that are out literally light up the night.
Before One Bono speaks to the audience about the Make Poverty History Campaign...
'Why the f*ck are we not saying no
Tonight we say no to extreme poverty
And yes to make poverty history'
'Send a message to you Prime Minister Azanar'
'Thank you thank you for listening to a rock star whack on
Matthew Freud for working on the campaign 
Thank you'
When One ends, all the band gather on the front of the stage and take a bow to huge applause. Madrid is likely not to forget this concert for a long time.

The gig ends with Yahweh and another rendition of Vertigo to end the night on a high.

All Because Of You
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My first concert U2
Mi experiencia personal: Para mi este a sido el primer concierto de U2. Hace 12 años que quería verlos, pero por un motivo u otro no a sido posible. El último intento fue por el 2001, en el concierto de Barcelona (Elevation), pero como muchos, fue imposible pillar entrada. Ya en esta gira con 4 conciertos en la península, la cosa era más fácil. Aún con las entradas en mano (Grada), las cosas no serían tan fáciles!!. Salí de casa a las 10 de la mañana, con un trayecto hasta Madrid de poco más de 5 horas de viaje, con lo cual tendría margen para poder charlar con unos cuantos amigos antes del concierto, pero las cosas se torcerían en el camino. Mi vehículo diría "NO MAS", y nos dejaría tirados a más de 400 Kms de distancia. Llegar no fue nada fácil, debido a esta avería, tuvimos que ir en Grúa, Taxi, Autobús, Metro, a pie, Otro coche, otro coche más....... El viaje fue ETERNO!!!!!. Al final llegamos al estadio a las 21:40, a tan solo 15 minutos para el comienzo del show. Una autentica ODISEA. Más.....
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