Aug 9 2005
San Sebastian, ES / Anoeta Stadium
with Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs
It was another celebration tonight of U2's Vertigo Tour while they are playing in Spain.

Another pack venue, full of excitment as the band took to the stage and opened with Vertigo. Bono opened the show saying "Uno, dos, tres... catorce" in Basque which won the crowd over instantly.

Another hot hot night didn't stop the band from playing the first few songs with the all the energy they had and soon everyone was dancing and singing along.

With City of Blinding Lights, Bono went down to the audience on the platform in front of the stage and sang right to them. With the venue not as big as Barcelona, you would not have known as the audience made up for it in City of Blinding Lights and towards the end Bono started singing 'San Sebastian San Sebastian'.

It was then that the audience began a fantastic football type chant to which Bono replied, 'I hope that means something beautiful'.

Introducing Miracle Drug, Bono spoke about how 'The Edge comes from the future, on a space ship especially made for him. From a brithday 1000 years in the future, came back to be with us in 1976'.
The crowd laughed and applaused allowing Bono to finish with 'Excuse my ramblings', even through the crowd were loving it.
Throughout the gig the audience is in fine voice in San Sebastian­ their voices echoing Bono's beautifully.

As the temperatures rise Bono introduces 'Sometimes' not before a sip of water and removing his glasses.
'This next ones for my father Bob.
He was a toughie'.

The audience didn't notice a few extra cameras here tonight as the band are doing an interview with Ed Bradley from 60 minutes.

Love & Peace saw the band more out to the B-stages with Larry pounding his drum tonight and Bono going for it to. The audience were up on each others shoulders to make the occassion look extra special. The song ended with Bono marching all around the B-Stages, and the fans loving every step he takes.
As always the 'CoeXisT' moment drew the crowd in further with Bono saying, 
'You know what I'm talking about,
Something that's going to happen over the next 3 years,
Hold on to this tightly,
Even in san Sebastian,
All sons of Abraham.'

It seems that in Basque country screaming and dancing are what they know best, and even the balconies are jumping.

The band continued to play through Bullet The Blue Sky, Miss Sarajevo, Pride and Where the Streets Have No Name. During Streets Bono gave Adam a kiss as Adam walked up and down the B-Stage.

The audience didn't let up and were still cheering and singing as they returned for their encore. It seems that everyone in San Sebastian tonight could not let the gig pass without making sure they were heard...

Set list tonght:

I Will Follow
Electric Co.
New Year's Day
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found
City of Blinding Lights
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
Love and Peace
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Pride in the name of love
Where the Streets have no name

Zoo Station
The Fly
With or Without You

All Because of You

All Because Of You
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