May 19 2015
San Jose, CA, US / SAP Center at San Jose

Noel Gallagher, currently touring the US with his High Flying Birds, was at the second show in San Jose last night.

Afterwards he spoke to Here's what he thought of the show.

'I thought it was as great a leap forward as it was when I saw ZOOTV the first time, which itself was a great leap forward from Rattle and Hum. If it's at all possible to get a great leap forward from that, then tonight was it.

It was theatre.

It starts off as a punk rock gig but then it gets intimate, there's a lot of truth in it about where they come from and the people that they are.

At points it's quite touching when you see footage of people like Bono's mum and his kids, stuff like that, walking up the street they grew up on.

Visually the band were explaining it to me for a good six months but I still had no idea about this screen they were talking about, it didn't make much sense to me at all - most things don't with Bono at four o clock in the morning. But tonight, I don't like to use the phrase, but this is a game changer, not only for them but for shows in general. It is something competely different.

You don't expect to have that screen in that position and doing that thing... and the beauty of it all is that it still does not take away from what a great band they are.

It was always going to be a contentious thing what they did with the album release but I think it paid off tonight because the stories of the songs have been told visually and it works, I really do think it works in a visual sense.

For people who haven't seen it, they play inside of a video screen and it's something else, it's like watching a television but you kind of forget sometimes that they are actually there on stage and they are playing live. It's a psychedelic experience.

I've been a fan since hearing 'New Year's Day' in 1983 and I've seen them loads of time. With the greatest respect in the world when I saw the 360° Tour I thought that was the end of something, and not in a bad way. I thought, this is so staggering and huge and tall, so amazing, I thought this was the end of something and I wondered what the beginning of the next thing will be - and here it is.

It was staggering - and only the fourth show. I can't wait to see it again.'

After the show, post your own reviews and your own comments below.


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ONE RocKn' Sheb
Beyond words...just incredible; being a part of the U2 Big Top 2nd nite!...worms eye GA floor 1st, birds eye loft 2nd...I had so much fun, guys! I love you!
3 days later and still buzzing!
Having seen U2 live at all their tours since 1984 this show (San Jose May 19) was undoubtedly one of the very,very best. What a spectacle! It blew me away with the U2 story taking us from past to present and this wonderful interplay of technology, lights and sounds interwoven with the band's musical and personal journey. Of course pushing the envelope and giving a wow factor is all "old hat" to U2 but this show had passion and intimacy and context that I hadn't felt since seeing them in the 80's; suddenly the new album all made sense and the songs grew wings before my eyes. From Electric Co. to Song For Someone whether a die hard fan or a newbie this was a show that touched everyone and I can't stop thinking about it....
From Sydney, Australia, to New York City
Back in 1989, as an 18 year old, I camped out at Sydney Entertainment Centre for 4 nights to buy U2 tickets. I begged and borrowed the money, and saw all 8 concerts then. I am now truly blessed to be about to travel from Sydney to New York to see all 8 of U2's concerts there, with my wonderful (and patient) husband in tow. We are going to have the time of our lives - Bring it on!
Julie Karbo
Another point of light in 30 years of U2
Dancing, swaying, praying. Thank you @U2 for a great 5/19 concert.
U2sday-San Jose
This second U.S. Show was One-Desire-Sweetest "BAD" Thing ever!! So great to hear the classics and new all in one show! AMAZING sight and sound so impeccably clear falling all around us with speakers above. I can still hear the music! Thank you U2 and staff for your stop San Jose. God Bless.
2nd SHOW looks terrific!
Great songs selection!!!
Edge in the zone on night 1
Got a bit lucky with this shot. An epic tour opener from an epic band.
Two shows, two awesome nights!!
I never know what to expect from a new tour, but the band never disappoints. The blend technology, spectacle and kick-@$$ performances shows the band hasn't lost their edge or slowed down. My ears are still ringing, I'm working off of too little sleep and I'm grinning like a kid on Christmas.
No Words To Describe
Thanks for a great show! First time seeing the band indoors and the sound was amazing, and video screen was fantastic. A magical night for myself, wife and children! They tore up Bullet The Blue Sky and new songs live as well. Cedars Woods with video screen superb. Hope somebody posts Bono and little kid Jacob on stage too cool . JACOB YOU ROCK DUDE!!!!
Great and Fantastic Concert for Me2 (She
WOW, two days of having an absolutely fantastic time with U2
San Josè Second night
Heart of America and ' The hands that built America', tonight with Electric Co' to give the best sound , the finest melodies and a sweet ' Bad' , a shade of melancholy in a snippet of ' Moment of Surrender' , a big voice with ' One', it is the end of the show fading away.
Thank you Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry for an amazing Monday night. You always do a superb job and last night was just as I expected it from you, The Best and in top form. Thank you again for the wonderful memories.
San Jose first night
No opening band ... which was great. We were able to just focus on U2. Best songs from the new album ... The Miracle (of Joey Ramone), Iris, Song for Someone. Best of previous albums ... Until the End of the World, Out of Control, Mysterious Ways, Beautiful Day. Stage and effects were awesome. Bono was sensational ... the Edge's guitar and Larry's drums entered my being at the molecular level. The improved speaker system blasted me out of my seat the whole night! Awesome! See you in Los Angeles on May 30 and 31. Love U2! ARRIBA U2 ... SON EXCELENTES!!! MIKE H.
How Long to Sing This Song?
32 years ago, my dad too me to my first U2 show - the WAR tour. Tonight, I take my 11 year old son to his first U2 show! Here is the story about how this band has transcended 3 generations of our family!
amazing U2 concert
Last night U2 concert was Epic!!The videos,visual and sound was amazing. Great seats in San Jose.
She is not Invisible
MY 9yr old sings Invisible in her rock band.. so looking foward to having her watch Bono sing it to her live on Tuesday. Yes she is skipping school and we are going early to buy tshirts and merchandise have a Beautiful Day.
Getting ready for " the" day !!!
So excited, can't wait. I do hope to see some fun with Lycra and a bicycle. And what about that titanium elbow? Edge, can you turn Bono's elbow into an instrument or sorts?
I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MAY 19!!!!!!!!!!.....OMG!!!!!
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