May 22 2015
Phoenix, AZ, US / US Airways Center

First Night In Phoenix

Here's what happened. Add your own reviews and photos.

'I awakened to the cry
that the people / have the power ...'

Alternate opening to the show tonight. On the PA, Patti Smith singing 'People Have The Power' before Larry, Adam and Edge arrive on stage for the opening chords of 'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)' Where's Bono? Here he is. Arriving from the other side of the arena, on the 'e' stage, now walking down to the 'I' stage - and when the band meet up this show is underway.
'I was chasing down the days of fear
Chasing down a dream before it disappeared...'

Two Adams on stage tonight. The one we expect to see, resplendent in another Sex Pistols t-shirt, and one we were surprised by. An eight year old Adam was pulled up from the audience for 'I Will Follow', the first of several members of this full house to find themselves onstage tonight.
'Your eyes make a circle,
I see you when I go in there...'

'I want to thank Adam, the first boy, for being here, I want to thank you all for being here...'

Thanks to @U2gigs for three great facts from tonight's show. This is the longest of the tour to date - 25 songs, previous shows were up to 24. Bad, on the setlist again, is notable: the song was played at consecutive shows only once on U2360. And as for 'In God's Country', a rarely heard classic from The Joshua Tree, that was a complete bolt from the blue. 'Worth noting that In God's Country has only been played 8 times since end of The Joshua Tree Tour: Lovetown x 4, Elevation x 3 and now IE x 1'.

'Desert sky, dream beneath the desert sky.
The rivers run but soon run dry.
We need new dreams tonight.
Desert rose, dreamed I saw a desert rose
Dress torn in ribbons and bows
Like a siren she calls (to me)....'

Did we mention 'In God's Country?' First time it's been played live in fourteen years and with a seriously enthusiastic audience member up on stage to add guitar. Has to have been one of the funniest and most joyful moments on the tour so far - the band reminding themselves how to perform the song while one totally wired fan (from Colorado) wants to hug every one of them.

As well as Adam, 8 mentioned above, 3 beautiful sisters also came up on stage tonight, grooving their way through 'Mysterious Ways' and capturing the performance of 'Desire' on cell phone. 'Great to see some family tonight', said Bono, thanking the sisters, who are from New York, Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

If the first act of the U2IE show is a spellbinding journey through Songs of Innocence, there are a couple of slightly older tracks that want to give the new songs a run for their money. Has Electric Co. sounded this good before? Was it like this when they played it in McGonagles in Dublin in 1978?
If you don't know
Electric Co.
If you don't know
Electric Co.

Were you at the first night in Phoenix? Add your own review and photos below.

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Phoenix both nights!
Absolutely riveting as per usual.
This show got me hooked... I plan on attending the two in my town (Denver) after two in PHX... wish they would play Bad and One both... every night... and Bullet? Enough.
Phoenix 1st night
Wanted to be there so bad. Travelled from the UK for this one. They did not let me down. the show was fantastic. It was an "intimate" show with Bono letting the fans get involved .We all wanted to be the dude on the guitar playing on "in gods country". The production was superb taking us on a musical journey. I was left emotionally drained but equally exhilarated. U2 - The rock band with soul.
The best concert I have ever experienced
This was my 4th U2 show (Joshua Tree twice, PopMart). All were great but this was the best! What other band is this uplifting? Perfection in every aspect, even when things went a little wrong (Sweetest Thing - Loved the good humor on that one!). I love this band!
Worth the trip!
We traveled from Denver to see this show - and it was worth every cent! This was my 10th U2 show, and it easily ranks in the top three. I loved the combo of new songs, old songs, and everything in between. I can't wait to see them again in Denver next month!
A little bit of home brought a tear to m
Even though we couldn't see the Graphic show the first night, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved Electric Co! It's been a while listening to it! I need to rebuy Boy again on CD! We couldnt see the graphic show as you will see from the photo below but it didnt matter it was a great night - I loved the bits which were unplanned like the Guitarist on stage for In God's Country and Bono trying to play piano! Thank you for bringing a little bit home to Phoenix! I wish I could go to every show! I am so proud of you guys. Keep up the excellent work.
a utopian dream
I was at both phoenix shows. But friday nite was nothing short of greatness. The best u2 show i had ever seen. After more than 20 of them passing lakeland s opening nite of the zoo tv tour 23 years ago.
Fresh Sound
I love hearing U2's new sound- it seems they're doing what is essential for each song to be its best. Some of the vintage tracks I like more, hearing them now.
Chadd Bryant
U2 in Phoenix
Our whole trip was amazing. Bono came out to sign autographs and I managed to have him sign my limited pressing of SOI. As far as the concert, night 1 was out of this world. The band was on fire and Bono's vocals were incredible. The best I've ever heard. Electric Co/Send In The Clowns (snippet) In God's Country Bad/Moment of Surrender (snippet) = incredible.
What an amazing night! So glad they played In God's Country and Bad! It is clear that Phoenix holds a special place in U2's heart and they make it a special stop on each tour.
Phoenix first night
Phoenix and it has been surprise in the set list ' In God's Country'! Remarkable the speech as regards Red and the possibility to begin the end of the pandemic of HIV all together in action with words, purchases and love. A moderate and perfect ' Every breaking wave', Beautiful day, Pride. Still haven't found what i am... has vigourously waved the end!
My 149th U2 Concert
Master Rick
Kandys for you to experience
first night in Phoenix Arizona welcome you to now rock this place !
Master Rick
Kandys first U2 experance
First night in Phoenix or Bono shake the ground let's rock !
1 Day to Go
I am lucky enough to have really good seats for both shows! 10 yrs 1month and 1 week ago in Glendale, my sister finally agreed to the name I'd been bugging her about during Bullet! He vaguely recalls 360 ( just 3 at the time) but tomorrow night, he will remember forever. The one song he said he wanted to hear more than anything " the song I got my name to." I cannot wait for this weekend to start!!
Opening Act??
Tickets say show stars at 7:30. Is there going to be an opening act? What time have U2 been starting the show?
Four Days and Counting...
I'll be there for Saturday nights concert. I am so looking forward! It's been way too long since I saw them last at the Rose Bowl. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!
U2 forever
Our favorite band. No comparison.
Love U2
Love U2. Can't wait for the tour!
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