May 23 2015
Phoenix, AZ, US / US Airways Center


Second show in Phoenix and a great celebration - not least because of the YES vote for marriage equality in Ireland.

Here's some headlines from the show, you'll have your own if you were there - post them below.

Got to start with 'Pride (In The Name of Love)'. Bono introduced it with thanks and pride that Ireland had voted 'YES' to marriage equality. Here's what he said.
'This is a moment to thank the people who bring us peace. It's a moment for us to thank the people who brought peace to our country. We have peace in Ireland today! And in fact on this very day we have true equality in Ireland.
Because millions turned up to vote yesterday to say, 'love is the highest law in the land! Love!
The biggest turnout in the history of the state, to say, 'love is the highest law in the land!'
Because if God loves us, whoever we love, wherever we come from... then why can't the state?'

That trilogy of songs from Pride into Beautiful Day and into With Or Without You nearly takes the roof off the arena. Everybody singing every line of every song. Did we mention that the Irish voted for marriage equality? We did, and Bono altered the lyric of 'Pride' to sing 'Free at last, they took your life, they could not take your gay pride...' and then introduced Beautiful Day: 'Putting the gay into Gaelic!'

Iris, remembering Bono's mother, is already proving one of the standout live tracks from Songs of Innocence - with everyone singing the closing refrain. Here's how it arived last night.
'Lately we've been asking ourselves, 'Why are we still a band?
Why did Adam Clayton become a bass player, he's not answering that but it's something we are very very grateful for. What made Larry Mullen a drummer? When I ask him that he says I should keep philosophical questions to myself.
This man gave us our first job and we are still in it.
The Edge is a special case, he fell off himself. He's a Welsh man, comes to Ireland... what are the odds of that?
What are the odds that I would meet these three men?
I met someone the other day and they said 'You know, my mother met your mother and at the time you weren't getting on too well at your school, and it was my mother that told your mother to send you to Mount Temple.
That's where I met these three men.
What a wild ride of a coincidence
So do what your mother tells you.
For me, it was when my mother left me, age 14, that's when I became an artist, and I sing, we sing, this for her.
For Iris... beautiful Iris...'

#U2ie is a story in several chapters, a composition in several movements. Different people see different acts in the show. After Phoenix, Tim Neufeld on Twitter sees four: '1st major theme of concert: parent/child relationship. 2nd: free yourself. 3rd: justice 4 forgotten. 4th: hands, left em up. #U2ieTour'. What are the acts that you see in the show? Add them below - along with your photos and stories from the show.


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U2 ie Tour London 30/10/2015
I have been following U2 for 20 years after stealing a disc from my older brother at the age of 15. I have travelled to London to see them once more again as I love them so much, their songs and the depth of their meaning. Thanks for giving so much to us (your fans). The show @O2 Arena was super, a deep emotion that I will keep in the box of my memories as always. Thanks guys Miriam '81 from Italy
The f
Great show!!!
Free yourself, to be yourself...
Thank you U2 for two amazing nights in Phoenix! I was blessed to be able to see both shows with my wife and best friend and they were shows that we will never forget! Night #1 was fantastic with a playfulness shown from the band that is always there but not often seen. Bono playing the piano on Sweetest Thing and grinning ear to ear and Larry lightheartedly fending off a very enthusiastic fan on In God's Country were very special to see and hearing Bad played Live was incredible! Night #2 was indescribable! The energy was amazing! Cedarwood Road and Raised By Wolves are absolute monsters Live! They held their own very nicely against time tested heavy hitters Until The End Of The World and Bullet The Blue Sky. My favorite part of the entire weekend was One closing out the show, everyone singing. Sisters, brothers, all carrying each other. The intimacy of this tour is something that is hard to put into words and something very rare. It’s a vulnerable, angry, joyous, redeeming, cathartic, and positively beautiful experience. Thank you U2 for everything!!!
Bono Phoenix Night 1
Best experience @ a U2 show
So far, it looks like No MORE Line on the Horizon. My theory is that they think they picked up a lot of fans due to the iTunes release and are going with songs that were played on Top 40 radio sprinkled with a lot from the new CD. Elevation is gone as well as last tour's pinnacle Moment of Surrender.
Phoenix • Night 2
+ Love each other, love yourself, love your mother + Remember those important people who've been there for you, who are still there for you + Smile/Sing LOUD/Strive to be kinder to one another + Cherish the moment, it is SO important + Be a REAL part of social change, small or large THANK YOU guys from the bottom of my heart. You were there for me in 1987 and you're still there for me today. You're music has been, and still is, a daily inspiration to me. -ken
U2 Phoenix
Awesome show. Can't wait to see them in New York!!
Paper airplane
for danielkelly
te amo
Bono eu te amo
U2 Phoenix
Awesome Show in Phoenix
My Peeps
Epic night! #FunWithFriends #U2ieTour
Paper airplane - Phoenix night 2
Does anyone have photo of paper airplane Bono used during Bullet? My daughter ended up with it and love photo to go with it.
Night 2 in PHX
Amazing show. Best of the tour to date. #U2ieTour #U2Community #U2VIP
U2 PHX!!
#U2ietour #U2VIP @U2Community Can't wait for tonight's show!! My shirt says it all!! Many thanks to Bono, Larry, Adam & Edge!!!
Show starts in....
Arrived in Phoenix, can't wait to be apart of the i+e tour experience!! Hope you play "The Troubles"!!!
Why I came to Phoenix
Can't wait for the concert to start! First time at US Airways Stadium and second time to see U2 live!!! U2 ROCKS!!!! :) It's going to be a good day!!
12 hours from now!
I cannot wait!
YES!!!! just got tickets:-)!!!!
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