Jun 13 2015
Montreal, QC, CA / Bell Centre

'Something We've Never Played Before...'

Another loud, loud  night in Montreal with plenty of special guests in the house including locals Win Butler and Regine Chassagne from Arcade Fire and Guy Laliberté of Cirque du Soleil.

'We want to do something that we've never played before. If it goes wrong, blame it on The Edge.' 
Then this.
'Punk rock party in a suburban home
Everybody’s famous here but nobody’s known
We got no music cos the speaker’s blown apart...'

On the 'e'stage, and out of the blue, a surprise debut for 'Lucifer's Hands', one of the Songs of Innocence tracks released only on the Deluxe album, the one with a second disc. The 12th new song to feature in the #U2ie set list to date and can it be long until we hear 'The Crystal Ballroom' ? Funny you should ask, someone was holding up a sign making just that request. 'We'll get to it...' came the singer's response. Another surprise, for another night.

Also starting to demand it's own slot in the show is that transcendent epic from No Line On The Horizon. 
'At the moment of surrender
I folded to my knees
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me...'

Moment of Surrender popped up twice tonight, at the close of Beautiful Day and then during Bad. How long until it's played in full?

One of the biggest moments came with Pride (In The Name of Love) when the screens lit up with the faces of leading activists in Azerbaijan, imprisoned by the authorities for speaking up for human rights. Amnesty International has been banned from the European Games which have just opened in the country.
'Blessed are the freedom makers, sing for Amnesty...
Six friends of ours locked behind bars for the crime of expressing their opinion...
Emin.  Khadija.  Anar.  Leyla.  Rasul.  Intigam ...
'Sing a message of love from a city of love, Montreal...'

Were you at the second night in Montreal? What were your highlights? How did the show compare to others you've seen? Post your own review and add your photos here.


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Sam B
Crystal Ballroom!!!!
Awesome show!! Montreal is a great place to see U2! Here is a photo of the sign I had, when Bono mentioned Crystal Ballroom. We all want to dance to the song! Can't wait to hear it.
Lots of nice pics
None were taken by me. Just wanted to waste some time.
"Muchos Huevos ¡ "
and this is what we call "Muchos Huevos ¡ " in Mexico for the Speech in "Pride" Bono ¡ a Very Good One !
2nd show montreal
I ind this concert had more energy happening maybe after doing one they were warmed up ready to perform . Also the crowds was louder and we all sang with perfection the lyrics we were ask to sing . Montreal is my city i am proud to be from here and yes we are unique and exceptionnal fans thank you merci
Que du bonheur
Le Canada a besoin de plus de Bono...
Montreal July 13
Band was great! Crowd was great!! A fan of over thirty years. Brought back memories of the first time I ever saw them. Out of Control. Loved it then. More now!! See you Wednesday!!!
Making Memories
Loved going to the show with my 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter. My son saw them on 360 as well. Great memory maker for my family!
My first U2 show
I drove up from VT to help the ONE Campaign get signatures on a petition #PovertyisSexist and then got to enjoy the best show I have seen. It was my first live U2 show, but many times during the night I remembered how I felt back in college when U2 performed "Bad" at Live Aid. Moved to tears on many occasions, and moved to dance on others. These lads still have what it takes. It made the 2 hours waiting at the border worth every minute. What a great show. Thank you Adam, Larry, Edge and Bono for a great night.
J'ai le blues!!!
J'étais là vendredi, dans les rouges. J'étais là samedi, au parterre. Je veux être là demain!!! Des soirées mémorables dans ma vie xxxx
Thank you for singing about Iris .... I
Dear Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam, On Tuesday of last week, my family buried my mom and on Tuesday night, we had a kind of Irish wake for her. Something she had always wanted, she being of Irish descent. I came to the show in Montreal on Friday to be with the best band out of Ireland....and feel so grateful for the timing. I had a difficult relationship with her - being estranged for many years, but there at the end. I feel, again, grateful to have been at the show, to have danced and sang all night with y'all. It so helped me in this process. When you did the song about Iris, it broke my heart again. Good to be broken open by your music, as always, but even more so this moment in my life. "The heart that is broken, is the heart that is open, open." Thank you for all of that. And for your music that has been part of the soundtrack of my life since I first saw you on your first American tour. Wish I could be there for more shows! Again, thank you. Sue, from Vermont
Tank you U2
Tank you for your amazing show!
Chad Frost
Thanks guys
great performance, great city.
U2 Top of their game!
Another great show in Montreal! Keeps getting better each time! Looking forward to show #3 and #4!
30years of U2 concerts
Glad to be at my 26th U2 show in 30yrs!
Soo... Excited
I got tickets from my spouse as a birthday gift. Unfortunately he was deployed overseas and am bummed he can't come with me. Can't wait to see yon guys live. First time ever. Maybe we'll bump into you guys and might get to hang out.
See You tomorrow U2
Can't Wait!!!
Looking forward to this concert and watching U2 perform songs from the new album!!! :) Saw U2 twice on the 360 tour and hope my third concert experience is just as magical and memorable since it is a birthday present!!! :) Counting down the hours before I head north to Montreal!!! See you Saturday!!! :)
Better with age
Yes, getting better as time goes by... Counting the days!
Please perform this song. Can't wait. Going on the 13th. Trying to get tix for the 16th and 17th. love the new cd. All the songs are great. Lucifer's Hands, Crystal Ballroom etc.
Wedding anniversary
I have seen U2 in 1992, 2001, 2011 all in Montréal. My wife was supposed to come to the show in 2011 but due to Bono's injury, the show had been postponed and she was 8 months pregnant by the time the show actually came around and could not make it. Now, we just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, 2 kids later and she will finally attend her first U2 concert while I'm going for a 4th. Always a great show...for us, this concert is 4 years in the making. Can't wait!!!
See you Saturday
Flying in from Minnesota!
I'll turn 44 this night....We'll be great to meet and greet all of U2 as a gift from you guys....!!! Thanks a lot !!!
Love it
360 Tour 2011
The 360 tour in Montreal was just GREAT. Cant wait for the show June 13
such amazing U2 shows
So many amazing U2 shows from 1987 to now in Montréal ! Will never get enough of your creativity, guys ! You're the best!
show was fab.
U2 show will be great.
great show
360 tour
The tour in montreal in 2011, we where 65,000 people and it was great
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