Jun 16 2015
Montreal, QC, CA / Bell Centre

'People got the power...'
Pretty amazing night in Montreal. Here's some highlights.

'People got the power...'  Every night this show opens with Patti Smith, the band arriving on stage as her voice pours out of the PA. 'To dream... to rule... to wrestle the earth from fools.'
And tonight Patti's words ended the show too, as scores of euphoric fans joined the band on stage for 'Streets'. 
It was the close of a show like we've rarely seen. 'All these people on stage' tweeted @U2_ultraviolet, 'How amazing is this! God I love this band...'
With everyone seated around the band, the night ended with a mellow version of 'Still Haven't Found', Bono leaving the stage with Patti's words again, 'People got the power, people got the dream, to rule, to wrestle the world from fools.'  
Surreal and kind of wonderful.

If that was a moment to give #U2ieTour another dimension, this is a tour that keeps throwing new shapes. Tonight The Troubles returned to the set along with Volcano, two tracks from the latest album, performed only three times before this evening. As atu2 pointed out, a third of the night's set list came from Songs of Innocence.

Earlier a man called Brian clambered up on stage to sling on a guitar for the Meerkat moment. At first no-one was convinced Brian could pull it off, but Brian proved us wrong. Brian can play a guitar and Brian can sing and tonight, with Brian and Bono sharing vocals, Desire went global.

In case you missed it, the previous day Bono had visited Parliament in Ottawa to talk about the fight against extreme poverty in the developing world. 'And the first question I heard from an MP was 'Where is The Edge?'
'I wanted to say, 'He’s everywhere, he’s omnipresent, he’s all around us!'
It was a meeting, he explained, that reminded him that 'the world needs more Canada.'
'This is an election year, tell your elected officials who is boss… you are the boss... and what Canada is doing for mother and child health is leading the world and we thank you for your generosity, thank you for supporting the One Campaign.

We’re gonna rid the world of the mother to child transmission of HIV in the next 5 years, can we promise that to each other?'

Were you at the third night in Montreal? What were your highlights? Post your own review and add your photos here.

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Me and BONO on the stage
I was the lucky one! 23 years waiting and the dream finally came true. Now I believe in miracle! I'm sorry BONO, I didn't wake up when that miracle occurred to me!! Thanks for everything! Love U2!
Brigitte from Paris
I was very very proud to be on the stage with U2 in Montreal. I am Brigitte, a black girl with a french flag and yellow, black and white clothes, the same colors as the logo of the IE tour (black dress, yellow shawl and ballet shoes ). When I was on the stage, Bono sang and danced with me "where the streets have no name". After, I have shook The Edge, Adam and Larry's hands. I was also very happy to meet the fan who danced and carried Bono on the stage at Vancouver, a girl, a fan of U2 and other fans. It Was the best moment of my life and a great experience. Magnificent. My dreams come true. U2 is the best group of the world and I love them since 32 years. Thank you God for this evening. Brigitte. /Users/brigitteaiyo/Pictures/Bibliothèque iPhoto/Masters/2015/06/20/20150620-012451/IMG_6871.JPG
3 Generations of my family with U2
March 23 1992 I saw U2 with my father at the Montreal Forum June 16 2015 I saw U2 with my son at the Bell Centre Two amazing shows by One amazing band! Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry for allowing me to share these special moments with my loved ones.
une nuit magique, U2 est magique
mariamontreal- with love
3rd night at U2 , great night will miss you guys . Feels like a part of me is missing , thank you for 4 great nights ( Saturday night blew the roof off , gonna be hard to beat that night) wishing you all the best in a great tour throughout the U.S. and then a nice break and off to Europe to relax . Looking forward to seeing you next time around , be well. Maria Diorio
Best show ever!!
WoW, what an amazing show. Came all the way from the Netherland and had the best night ever in the Bell at Montréal. Thank you for thuis exceptional experience!!
Me and ADAM
Me sitting in front on ADAM on stage night 3 montreal... PRICELESS A dream came true!
J'étais au ciel pour une troisième fois hier. Merci U2 pour toutes ces heures de pur bonheur. See you next time! xxxx
Mon coeur est avec vous❤️
Acrobat on the setlist!
It's a great song!!! thank you!
Chicago Next Week
is anyone opening up for them in Chicago ?
Far away, so close
I was at the Saturday show in Montreal!! More than happy they sand “One”, This song…. I can’t imagine the world before that song existed….. Like Marcos wrote, it would be more than amazing if they sang “Acrobat”, but my special request for Tuesday June 16: /// Far away, so close ///
Far away, so close...
I was at the Saturday show in Montreal!! More than happy they sang “One”, or we ALL did!!! This song…. I can’t imagine the world before that song existed….. Like someone Marcos wrote, it would be more than amazing if they sang “Acrobat”, but my special request for Tuesday June 16: /// Far away, so close ///
Acrobat on the setlist, please!!!
There's one song that has never been played on ANY tour... It's a GREAT song. ACROBAT Any chance that U2 plays it on June 16? It'd be great!!!
Is three decades patient enough?
Waited 30 long years to finally assist to my first U2 concert. I'm totally out of control!!!!
Best of all!
Travelling from Buenos Aires, Argentina to enjoy a great time with U2 on my birthday!!!!
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