Jul 15 2015
Boston, MA, US / TD Garden

'Everything You Know Is Wrong'
The Fly was back for night four in Boston, and what a return.

'It's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
It's no secret that our world is in darkness tonight...'

'WATCH MORE TV.' Final night in Boston and instead of an animated Johnny Cash performing The Wanderer when the band slip off stage between 'End Of The World' and 'Invisible', the screen was alive with that electrifying mash-up of aphorisms, truisms and cliches that could only mean the return of The Fly... set to a searing, thumping, Gavin Friday mix of the 1991 classic.  'CALL YOUR MOTHER'

'Thanks for the loan of your city for the last 10 days,' said Bono introducing Iris, 'I guess we have to hand it back to you at some point. It kind of feels like our city too. I hope we didn’t make too much of a mess.'
'I'm just trying to find a decent melody
A song that I can sing in my own company...
Stuck In A Moment was back, only the fourth time out so far, followed by this.
'Your eyes were like landing lights
They used to be the clearest blue
Now you don’t see so well
The future’s gonna land on you...
Volcano, back after missing eight shows and illustrating a set list that's getting more and more unpredictable - not least the songs with the band gathered on the 'e' stage. 'U2 really knows how to turn an arena or a stadium or whatever into a magical club,' as @KyaMHill put it on twitter.

'Where you from?' Bono asked Beth, tonights Meerkat-er. 'I think everyone’s from Boston tonight.'
Good answer Beth. 'Four nights should have been fourteen...' as Bono put it later on.

That's a few of our highlights, what were yours? Were you at the show? What were your unforgettable moments? Post your own review and add your photos below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Boston 4


Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Boston 4

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I was there
I was at this show with my family. We had a good time. Last time I saw them was in 2009 in Foxboro MA. A very different show. We were behind the stage tho. But it was a great night.
The Fly
Even the brief intermission was riveting
"I Get So Many Things I Don't Deserve"
Thank you, - we were all from Boston that night, one big family under one huge roof! Obviously, night 4 in Boston was epic for me. The last time Boston has seen the band in the 'Gah-den' was nearly 10 years ago, 2005! Almost a decade ago on October 3, 2005, I was briefly onstage when Bono saw my sign, 'Baby in My Belly Wants to Dance with Bono'. That night was the first time I saw the band from GA, and it was that night cemented my love and respect for these four men and their music. Even back then, Innocent became Experienced. I feel so blessed and humbled that have had the chance to witness this band's evolution in person and to know that I have grown with them as well. There is no way to describe the sheer joy of actually becoming a small part of their music by being on stage. With each moment and note that passed, I felt I was somehow being woven into an epic masterpiece. When Bono took off his glasses while I was filming, and staring deeply, just for a moment, into such beautiful, wise blue eyes, my heart nearly stopped. It has been such a powerful feeling; one that I wish I could share with every fan and I am so, so grateful for the experience. Thank you. -Beth
A whole family ENJOED
Thank you U2 for having thrilled a family of 5 in the first time event for my beautiful 3 daughters of 4, 7 and 9 years old. They're still convinced that dad is singing Every breaking wave better than 'Bono'....unbelievable LOVE! A memory that will remain stuck forever!
Out of Body..Out of Mind!
Dec 1984 Tower Theater in Darby Pa. 1st song I've ever heard live was 11 O'clock tick-tock...since then I've seen mostly every show in Pa...One in NYC...Two in Dublin '05...and I have to say my 1st in Boston was as special to me as the JFK show in Philly...No band has ever influenced me as much as U2!!
What were those books Bono threw out to
On night four of the TD Garden show, after Bono got up off his knees pleading, "Comfort me", he threw three books out to the crowd. Any idea what they were? Fascinating moment last night.
March 17, 1992 ??? St. Patty's Day B
To the best band in the world: Thanks for 3 magical nights. I was 11 at my first show, and" my bedroom was my own universe" as well. Please keep Rocking, for me and for everyone!!! (ESPECIALLY, the younger ones saturated with crap music. I remember as a kid my parent's listening to the Beatles on their 8 track player on long drives. It / you make a difference) The universe NEEDS U2. P.S., don't go!
Why U2 is Loved
Brought my daughter to Boston for her 2nd time and was Wishing I wore a creative shirt that said SING TO ME BONO !!! - Such a GREAT, GREAT thing interacting with the fans... Was at the last seat at the top of the garden and loved and felt it even from there - every attempt was made to reach out to everyone everywhere...thanks for making it feel like you were singing to your music so much and love you all for caring to make it reach us all...I am 52 and was there when you were on the roof in LA...a forever fan because you are worth it !!!!
Going Back Tonight
Was @ night 1 and HAVE to go back for the final night. (I promise I'll be louder) See if we can send them to the Evil Empire in style.
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