Jul 18 2015
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden


'I Remember You...'
Breaking down the fourth wall on the opening Night in NYC.

The first of U2's eight night return to Madison Square Garden started with a truly magical moment: the first performance of The Miracle of Joey Ramone in the birthplace of its inspiration and the immortal Ramones.

The Electric Co took things even higher, the crowd reaction shaking the foundation of the  Garden with an intensity of a 70's punk show. (Later a transcendent Beautiful Day segued into 'I Remember You.' dedicated to Joey Ramone and his bandmates,  those 'Kings from Queens.')

'When we first played a club called The Ritz in this great city,  another century ago, we thought of ourselves as a punk band… and you know what?  In all the ways that matter, we still do.
'Still getting into trouble for doing things different. A band of equals… with an audience of equals... an audience of betters.'

If this show was cooking in the venue, it was also bubbling online and the lid came off with one completely unexpected  moment on the 'e'stage. 
'October. They played October. That's all you need to know.' as @Maxtksukino put it on Twitter. The first live airing of this sparse, beautiful, autumnal elegy since 1989. And adding to the sense of the spontaneous and unpredictable on this tour.

 'The #U2ieTour is unlike any other U2 tour,' as @atU2 posted.'The band is embracing the risktaking & sharing in the fun w/us with breaking down the 4th wall.'

The audience are smart too, with @bethandbono tweeting, 'October is innocence, Every Breaking Wave is experience. A perfect, beautiful, sad, poignant pair.'

Pride ('See all the Irish flags here tonight...') went out to Harry Belafonte, a man who marched with Dr King ('We have such a great man in the house tonight...') and was an invitation to 'sing for the peacemakers'. One, was a tribute to the resilience of New York City  and also dedicated to Salman Rushdie. As usual, One no longer needs  a lead vocalist.

'Bono sings a line from One,' tweeted @Susan_MacD 'Then the fans sing the rest. Breathtaking. Well done #NewYork1'

As @TheGarden themselves put it. 'A night for the ages with @U2 @TheGarden and it's only just the beginning.'

There's a few of our highlights, what were yours? Were you at the show? What were your unforgettable moments? Post your own review of the opening night in New York City and add your photos below.


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Lara Hillard
Thank you for an amazing experience!
As a long-time fan, I have seen U2 in concert many times but on July 18th I took my sister to see her first U2 concert at MSG and as always, U2 delivered an incredible show! We had General Admission tickets and we were on the rail, South Side. It is an experience I will never forget from waiting in the GA line with our "U2 Crew" to standing on the floor of MSG. Thank you U2 for an amazing night that I still think of often.
NYC 2015
Attended the first and last of the MSG run. Great as always!
Thank you!
My son's first concert (iNNOCENCE) and my seventh (eXPERIENCE). We had a great time, the show was awesome (like all U2 concerts in NYC). The atmosphere was great and we were treated to October, of all songs! Thank you U2 for allowing me to share this moment with my son, who became "hooked" on your last album, much like I did with Achtung Baby when I was 11. Can't wait to see you guys again next time you're around!
Joey ramone!!!
U2 at the Garden is the highlight of 201
First time in the Garden since Peter Frampton back in the 80's, I could not believe that they went beyond their 360" tour in terms of sound and image. Mesmerized from beginning to end. Bullet sounded incredible, the sonics and that giant rectangular screen took me to another world. Is it my imagination but is the Edge becoming a better guitar player? Sorry I spilled beer to someone in front of me, I was dizzy by the technology and U2! "
It was just amazing, the best concert of my life ... Bono's voice was great; much better than last tour; they played our favorite songs (Elevation and One); to hear October, Ordinary Love, Electric Co, Iris, Even better than the real thing... the whole setlist was spectacular... From now planning to see them again the next year ...
Music to span the generations! Best U2
I was 18 when I saw my first U2 show, and I brought my daughter, who is now 18 to see this show - her first, my 7th. We both felt it was not just a show, but a journey. In experiencing the band's journey, I was experiencing my journey as well - through innocence + experience. Best show I have seen, and thank you U2, for creating music that we can enjoy with the next generation!!
12th time seeing them was the best ever.
It may have been coming in from Detroit to see them in the Garden, it may have been not seeing them since 2011, it may have been just pure brilliance, but this was the best I have ever seen them. Bono's vocals were amazing, The Edge was blazing, and Larry and Adam just rocked it.
Absolutely incredible!
This was my 6th U2 show and my first in an indoor arena and it was truly epic. From the opening 'Ohh's" of Joey Ramone to the beautiful ending of "One", the crowd was engaged and there was a sense of pure joy emanating from the band throughout the night. I don't think I've ever seen Larry smile so much during a show and it was awesome to see. The sound was great. The visuals were cool, and the elevated walkway with the see through screen was really cool. Highlights for me were, obviously "October", "City of Blinding Lights", "Song for Someone" and "Raised by Wolves". I always do GA tickets and it was great being so close, but those in the seats couldn't have been disappointed at all! It was my girlfriend's first U2 experience and though she initially was unsure about standing for 2+ hours, she loved it, and it was cool to see her experience the worshipful magic of U2. More spiritual than any church I've ever been in! Loved every second!
From Baltimore, With Love
We saw you on opening night in NYC. The killing of Freddie Gray and ensuing riots were the most painful thing we've dealt with as a city in years and years. Believe it or not, in many ways the collective convulsion brought Baltimoreans closer together in the aftermath. Thanks for keeping Baltimore in mind & heart during "Pride." It matters. I'll pretend you heard me singing from somewhere out on the floor. It was from way down deep.
The opening show in NYC was off the charts! Like how the band performed at both ends of the garden, allowing the fans to see them up close. I though this was better than the 360 tour!
M Wincek
madison square garden sat nite show
greatest show.......thanku
1st tell at MSG
PHenomenal!! October was a great throwback from the early days....heard in once in 1987. My 15 show and it "is getting better" awesome mix and best stuff and great,new songs! Hope Paul and the boys come back to US and hit DC or Philly so I can take my 14 yr old to his 1st u2 show. Thanks guys!!!
Amazing Opening Night in NYC!
Awesome set list and although we were among thousands of people, it felt very intimate. Thank you Irish boys for making this night AMAZING!
Engaged and going to U2
Got engaged today and now topping it off with some U2
I met the love of my life, Jennifer, almost 4 years ago. The circumstances and how that came about is truly a magical story. Let me just say that I was transported to another dimension the first time my eyes met those of my wife Jennifer. Time stood still and it was as if I was in a dream.....nothing else around me existed....She was the one. To put it mildly...there has been a long and arduous road in life...for both of us really. One that never allowed her to get out and see her most loyal of friends in her life. Four men that were always there for her with the music and words that kept her company and provided a place to reflect and feel peace and security.....Daily. Where there was isolation in life their songs provided hope and dreams. Relevant meaning. I have said to my wife that U2 are like the best friends you've never met. Friends who you had a close relationship with and who kept you company through it all. I personally want to thank you for that. We went to the Fri and Sat shows in Boston. That was the first time Jennifer was able to see U2 live. That was her birthday present this year....and it made me so happy to see her so elated and moved by the events before, during and after the concert. Still on a high and in disbelief today. That makes me immensely happy to have experienced those moments with her hand in hand as one. I went a little crazy because I wanted to squeeze in as many concerts as we could afford we will be in NYC for 3 shows....7/18, 7/26, 7/27. All in GA....on the floor!!!! We were on the rail in Boston and I had two signs which I know the guys saw. One was for the Edge - because I play guitar and frankly I get the biggest kick out of trying to emulate his sound and creativity. He is the most inventive guitarist to ever live in my opinion and he is such a genuine, humble and gracious human being. Not your typical "rock star" and I admire that immensely. Let's just say that my Strat pretty much just knows U2 songs!!! My sign for the Edge was a lyrical quote from the Clash....Yes, Edge you are my guitar hero. I will have that same sign in NYC. THe other was a sign asking the boys to please invite Jennifer, my beautiful wife, on stage....she waited 31 years to get here and has been through so would be the pinnacle of this dream come true. This is the most amazing month for her. Graduating with her advanced nursing degree, new job, and finally seeing U2.... So much happening and finally the experience of seeing her loyal friends in person. It carries more meaning than I can explain in words. We are buzzing with the anticipation for NYC this Saturday. We will be in the GA line and hopefully will be on the rail once again. Cheering on the lads and maybe even having a chance to meet them - who knows? I'd love to play rhythm guitar for them for a song or two and even better - seeing Jennifer meet them in person up on stage. What a great way for us to personally say thank you to them...... If that never happens we will have these memories that we've shared and we have each other. We truly are thankful Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam have been such an integral part of our life. On behalf of my better half Jennifer.... Thank you for all you do gentlemen!!! David C.....
A right of passage
Taking my 12 year old son to this show. 4 years ago I took my older sons to see U2 at Giants Stadium. We love U2!!!
Welcome Home
As someone previously mention, It a Birthday Present! Well it is for me too. The best part is I get to take my Mrs. who almost didn't see anything anymore at the beginning if this year. Thank God he kept her around or I'd need a date for this show, but none better than her. Hopefully the boys can give a Shout Out to the Maher's from Holbrook who are missing a great party at home to be at a better one in NYC. Thanks Guys!
5th Tour - Birthday Present to Myself!
Coming to NYC (from Washington, DC) with my husband to see you all for the 5th excited! My birthday will have just passed to this is my birthday present to myself :) Love the new album, but my favorite will always be Joshua Tree, hope to hear some classics from that album and Achtung Baby.
Dominican Fan
Please, please, please....sing Please!!!! Like you did in Mexico's popmart tour.
Costarrican U2 fan ready for show time!
Will be My first time in NYC! And I'm feeling this could be one of my best U2 concerts ever!!! I hope they play New Year's day, and why not, Wire!!!
Have to hear Bad
I've been to a bunch of shows, but have never heard Bad live. Going on the 18th and 19th to double my chances. C'mon boys. Let me hear it!
Add Seconds to Playlist
Would love to see them play a song like Seconds that would match the experience while bring back some innocence from 1983 with a great beat and bass.
a request from Costa Rica
Please play 40, the crystal ballroom, elevation and One!!!!
I'll be there
From Japan only to see you guys!
Steven Donatelle
All the way from Yerevan, Armenia...
My family and I are visiting New York this year just to see the show. Looking forward to an awesome night!
ONLY U2 concerts
Can't wait!!
On Tour
Coming from Crossmaglen Armagh for 3 NYC shows, redser, wicked, plum & nappy we hope Pride and Streets on the set list.
No puedo esperar más...
Ahí estaremos... MSG GA! Mexico!
Love you guys!
Me and my sister will be there from Brazil just to see you guys !
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