Nov 11 2015
Paris, FR / AccorHotels Arena

'Northside, just across the river...'
'Come with us now down Cedarwood Road...' Night two in Paris.

'Northside just across the river to the Southside
That's a long way here
All the green and all the gold
The hurt you hide, the joy you hold
The foolish pride that gets you out the door
Up on Cedarwood Road, on Cedarwood Road...'

'Come meet Gavin and Guggi, meet some friends, meet some enemies, here we are on Cedarwood Road...'

Electric Co. was back in the set tonight, bubbling with snatches of other songs  
('Send in the Clowns, I Can See For Miles, and Live Forever snippets in TEC.' @u2gigs) while Bono bigged up 'Jazzman' Adam, 'first employer' Larry and 'genius' The Edge.

Ahead of the show, and in advance of #U2onHBO in North America and Canada on Saturday, Adam was on camera on Facebook, musing on his vintage tee-shirt collection. Lot of love for this.

Wendy Wylo Gulock: Adam you are the most adorable fashion icon ever! Love all your fashions!
Michelle Marcak: Maybe just go shirtless? or no shirt & a leather jacket? That's pretty punk rock! haha... Love you no matter what you wear Adam
Kerry Shumway:Thank you for the behind the scenes posts. It's nice to see these peeks into our favorite boys! I could listen to Adam talk for hours.
Niamh Blonde: It has to be the striped top Adam vivre les bleus!
Alana Gee: When in doubt, always Joy Division.

Even after 68 shows, #U2ie is still developing, new ideas or riffs or images appearing every night, as difficult to predict the set list as to guess who might get the call onto the e-stage. Tonight it was Danielle from Italy (@DaNiiu2), complete with MacPhisto horns, 'a beautiful spirit and a dancer.'

''Liberté, égalité, fraternité' You invented it. You invented it!'  Bono shouts in Streets and this show as '@KevinS2U put it, 'has GONE OFF!!! #U2Paris Even got a "Yeah, You" out of the man in WOWY! What a night...'

Were you at the second show in Paris tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Paris 2

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Paris 2

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A beautiful Night !
It was absolutely magnificent ! French People need you ! Comeback to give all your love ! We love you !!!
Viva la France!
R.I.P. Parisiens.....
Praying for the victims of these horrific attacks in Paris, and prayers for our beloved boys. Stay safe.
Another great night in Paris U2 you are unstoppable. Looking forward to Saturday night broadcast on HBO I can't wait for the show I cannot say it enough how incredible you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me on this journey with you since May. Truly grateful and look to more in the near future. Warm regards. Maria Diorio Montreal's biggest fan xoxo
A so beautiful day!
Thank you so much for this wonderful evening, it was really emotional, with so many touching moments, Bono, your voice so honest and deep. 4 magnificient. I hope to see you again soon!
Achtung Baby !
Such a beautiful night in the city of lights yesterday ! A lot of shivers with Electric Co, October and a wonderful With or without You. Most of all, several songs of "Achtung", the best album of all times !!! Thank you guys !
WOWW! My first concert ever, and my first U2 show! What a night!!! Thank you! It was truly amazing. I sang, jumped, danced, moved in soo mysterious ways! HAHA! I just hope to see U2 again soon!
Thanks guys for this beautiful moment. it was a great gift for our 2 years wedding birthday XXX
Brazil at London
The dream come true. Myself and my wife travelled to London to see U2 at O2. Was magnificent !!!!
So Good !!!
It was so Good !!! Thank you very much !!!
Paris First Night November 10.2015 Some
Hi, I'm new here and I wanted to share with you all some of the shots I took yesterday.
Mosaman from Holland
I really, really, realy like to hear : In God's Country !! in Paris on Wednesday night the 11th. Travelled to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Cologne and in the past 52 times since 1981 ! even travelled to Sydney to see Zoo TV Tour in 1993 !
Last night on earth
Last night on earth
Diemen 's land
With or without you
Stade de France
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