Nov 18 2015
Belfast, IE / Botanic Gardens

'Great to be back...'
'It's great to be back in the heart of Belfast...'

First show in Belfast for 18 years, first show since Paris and lots of fans taking part in #whiteoutbelfast to 'make a statement in the name of peace, love and music and pay our respect to the victims of terror and violence all around the world.'

Powerful and poignant. #strongerthanfear

'What's going on?', asked Bono before introducing Iris.
'Turns out an awful lot since the last time were here... you lot are heroes to all of us... It's great to be back in the heart of Belfast...thanks for sticking with us.
'If you'll indulge us  for the next few songs we'd like to take you on a very personal journey to the Northside of Dublin, to streets not far from here that gave life to this band... it’s the view of a teenage boy – forgive me the melodrama when a lot of you have had much greater dramas to deal with...but those first fights in the playground, first loves, first losses...they also form you.'

Some of the early press reviews capture the vibe. 

'U2's first Irish show of their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour - and, amazingly, their first gig in Belfast since 1997 - was a triumph of pure rock theatre.’ reported RTE, noting the closing encore tribute to events in Paris.  ‘The encore is deft and deeply felt. To a dazzling visual display of Paris at night, U2 perform a shimmering City of Blinding Lights for the City of Light.   
Urgent, political and still hungry after all these years, this latest incarnation of the U2 live show is never less than gripping.'

This was, reported The Irish Times, 'something different: a new desire to reach out and connect with the audience, to tell them a story, to bring them on a journey.'

'The foursome were welcomed like heroes' said the Independent.  'And the feeling was mutual.'

Were you  at the opening night in Belfast ? Add your own comments and post your photos below.

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Belfast 1

Live Blog #U2ieTour Social Stream Belfast 1

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Magnifient show
Wow! What a rock show :D The best ever I've been blown away by U2 Thanksss
Can it get any better? Ponder this: seeing U2 at the opening concert of the Irish tour, on my birthday, with my daughter by my side, standing on the floor (almost at the front) just a few feet away from the stage, and the cool Irish fans. So awesome, really awesome show with the nicest concert crowd I've ever been in. Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam played in front of me at least once during the concert. I honestly can't think of anything better than hearing U2's signature rock songs and ballads of love and courage and inspiration I have grown to love, with my daughter by me side to celebrate my birthday. At a time when we need to do more to make this world a better place, this concert was timely and inspiring. I was incredibly fortunate to get floor tickets on day one of the Irish tour dates, with the band playing to their Irish friends and family. Stay safe U2, Thank you for my best birthday ever.
Overall a fantastic night!!! A really can't put it all into words. Met and seen some familiar faces on the night. Had some chats with people who I didn't know. Great and very helpful people giving me some tips and along with their own past experiences. Glad to have bumped into Robert and Shane who I know through Facebook. Pleased to have chatted to use both. Was a pleasure to have met yas! Both from Ireland! It truly was a wow factor on the 18th!!! Blown away. Walking home afterwards and thinking did all of that just fecking happen!!?? Amazing! Truly!! Was at front of the main stage. Couldn't believe a massive band like U2 and here I am lucky enough to be right at the top Incredible!! Up close and personal with the band. Intimacy was excellent. Fans with their voices were excellent. Atmosphere was just top class. Love the "Olé, Olé, Olé" chanting!! Got soaked by Bono during Electric Co! I'm an honest guy I'd like to think and wouldn't try and mislead people. Truly magical. I'll never forget my first U2 concert. My voice was wrecked at the end of the night. Was on my second bottle of water after the show. The 18th was my 1st U2 show and I will never ever forget it! A magical and an unforgettable 1st U2 show for me. No picture, no video, no words can fully explain how amazing it was - only a mental image! Thanks U2 for giving me a mind blowing experience which will live on within me till I die!! Mid 50's and still at the top of their game AND changing the game in how we see music live. The band with their crew and production team are innovators. They are the last of the truly great rockstars and hope it won't be too long until I catch use again. Hopefully again back in Belfast!! Please U2, don't make it another 18 years. You've simply got to keep Belfast on your minds on future tours!! I'll be in attendance for sure!! Rock on U2!!
Mick Winters
Tom 9 catches his first u2 show
Rock drummer Tom catches his first u2 show. Blown away.
U2 In Belfast 18-11-15
Tried to capture as much as possible of this Musical and Visual Masterpiece. Truly Wonderful Show Boys ,Thank you.
Belfast Night One
Great Gig last night and I loved what you guys did with the graphics during Sunday Bloody Sunday. You hit the nail on the head with the gable wall art work. You really have your fingers on the pulse of this place. See you all tonight again and hopefully you will play "Gloria"
Well, what can you say? I've seen the band a few times, but last nights performance and last nights audience was simply a superb experience to be a part of. Thanks U2, thanks Belfast - absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder.
makes me so damn happy.............that whole album is pure ecstasy. "These are the days when we wish for something other"
Standing room only- tickets sorted. Roll on 19th Nov. 18 years since they were last in Belfast!
Excited is not the word
Delighted to have the boys back in Belfast! If I dont get a ticket Ill be devastated!
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