The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Oct 14 2017
Santiago, CL / Estadio Nacional
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

'Like a river to the sea…'
One Tree Hill in Santiago, Chile.

'And in the world, a heart of darkness, a fire-zone 
Where poets speak their heart then bleed for it

Jara sang, his song a weapon in the hands of love.
You know his blood still cries from the ground.

It runs like a river runs to the sea.
It runs like a river to the sea….'

Rene Castro among the friends in the house as OneTree Hill remembers those whose fought for freedom  and human rights in Chile. 

More coming soon

Were you at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago ? Tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below.


    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    Unforgettable and lovely memories
    I am a u2`s fan since 1993 and now i have the great opportunity to be a part of a exceptional u2`s tribute band calles 4U in my country Peru (lima). The last October 14th was my very first time to live a u2 show and it was amazing and very emtional for two reasons, my favorite band alive and it was the day that my girlfriend and i were engaged. It was an unforgettable night for us. Thak you U2 for your existence!
    U2 Chile 2017
    #Bono, #thejoshuatree2017 #cynthiabernal
    Bono in Chile, The Joshua Tree 2017
    Finalmente, encontré lo que había estado
    El 14 de octubre de 2017 en Santiago de Chile, a 3,300 km. de mi hogar en Lima, Perú, cuatro amigos venidos de Irlanda me demostraron que los sueños pueden hacerse realidad. Tengo casi 40 años de edad y soy un fan declarado de U2 desde hace casi 25 años. He estado atento a cada rumor que los llevaba a actuar en mi país pero lo más cerca que estuvo Perú de U2 fue cuando Bono nos visitó con su familia y fue a Cuzco. Sin embargo, este año para mi fue diferente. Mi novia me propuso ir a verlos a la gira The Joshua Tree y lo que al inicio me pareció una locura fue poco a poco haciéndose real hasta el gran día. Este último sábado, mi felicidad fue absoluta y pude ver a mis ídolos por fin en vivo, por primera vez (y espero que no sea la última). Un setlist impecable para todo fanático, con The Joshua Tree en su integridad, tan vigente en sus letras y sonidos como hace 30 años, las canciones del inicio son básicas en la carrera de U2 y el momento del bis inolvidable con un nuevo single como "You're the best thing about me" que está destinado a ser uno de los clásicos y que con todo el amor del mundo le canté a Angie, mi novia, la responsable de esta locura, de este sueño hecho realidad y quien definitivamente es la mejor parte acerca de mi. No puedo agradecer a la banda por todo lo que me han dado y le han dado a mi espíritu en estos años. Tampoco podré agradecerles por haberme demostrado, en una noche de Octubre (vaya mes para un fan de U2) que mi admiración de tanto tiempo no fue en vano. Son la mejor banda del planeta y lo serán siempre. Gracias, U2.
    Unforgettable night
    Together with my son, sister and brother, just thank them incredible recital
    Gracias por una noche increible
    U2 como siempre me regala una noche increible de musica y emociones. Gracias por incluir a Chile en este tour, tan significativo por el contexto de The Joshua Tree. Estar en el estadio nacional, escuchando Mothers of Disappeared, fue algo demasiado fuerte, y emocionante. Tuve la suerte de ir al show de Miami FL, y al de Chile, y debo decir acá fue mucho mejor, la conexíon de los chilenos con U2 es a otro nivel, y desearíamos que vinieran todos los años, pero seguramente por cosas de logistica es complicado. Pero de todas formas, ojala se lleven consigo todo el cariño que les tenemos, y lo guarden para cuando regresen. Ojala sea con el tour de Songs of Experience, pero si no, estaremos con los brazos abiertos esperando su regreso, con el amor incondicional del publico chileno para uds Saludos, viva U2
    Amazing...! (Again)
    U2 continues to demonstrate its validity, quality and commitment to excellence. That in the musical, because in the emotive it takes us again to feel the fire unforgettable and that his link with Chile is intact.
    U2 de padre a hijo....
    Ver a la banda más grande del planeta junto a mi pequeño Clemente de 6 años....los sueños se hacen realidad!!! See the greatest band in the world with my little six years old Clemente....dreams come true!!! "From father to son..."
    Magnificent concert !!!!
    Finally the day came and we enjoyed with my son his first rock concert !!!!. We are very grateful for U2 and the magnificent show we saw. We want to share the photos we take in the Red Zone. See you on the next tour !! Thank you so much
    One more for us ...
    the best ever. An impeccable staging, a great show. Unbelievable for us. foolproof quality
    With my wife Lorena, third time for me enjoying her music and second time for her, amazing, I only wish my children were bigger to be with us, in the future we will not find bands like that ..... .
    Excelente de principio a fin Emocionante el homenaje a violeta Parra
    Sorry U2 but a 21 song setlist just doesn't cut it for the price you are charging for admission. So Pathetic. Same setlist night after night. No originality. Maybe you should just retire. Obviously the entire band is just in it now for the money. Most bands play at last 23-24 songs a night and then release them to the fans online.
    All the way from Paris only for the show
    After the Dublin show last July my wife and I are very excited to see and enjoy the show tomorrow!!! Great to be here in Chile!!
    U2, Could you play “I Will Follow” in 21th October, 2017 São Paulo? Me and My Brother will be waiting for this moment in Red Zone !!! He loves this song! This is important for us because in the last concert in Brasil, He listened I will Flllow in celphone, only For me, the best moment of the concert happened when I arrived in my house: My brother Vinícius received me with a big smile saying: Viiii I listened “Walk away, walk away… I will follow …” He has a little Autism Spectrum. He is a special guy and the music is important for him… his nick name is “Ocuei” because for the “Walk away” Now my family listen U2 all the time. My brother sings to me every day. Because he wants to go to the next concert: 21th October, 2017, São Paulo… We are looking forward to see U2!!!
    54 hours to the show... and i'm already on my way... looong way it is... but head first, then foot, then heart sets sail! CU!
    Very happy
    See you soon U2!!! We are from Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil. Let's fly tomorrow to Santiago ... Very happy !! Karla e Dani :D
    Se viene un gran recital !!!
    Hello my name is John. We are waiting for U2. I´m going with my son Vicente to the Red Zone, he is 16 years old and he is very excited about the show! We'll see you next Saturday !!!
    Can't wait to assist to my first U2 show
    Actually I'm gonna be in my fisrt show ever! Never had the chance to receive U2 in Venezuela. Have been 4 months since I got my ticket. Absolutly worthy...Welcome and enjoy your celestial music!
    Happy Happy!!!
    Hi guys, I´m so happy to see you again. I think this is one of this precious momments in my life. The only thing I would like is to be able to see you closer. :( I hope to make it!!!) You are the best! I love you guys!!
    See you in Chile, so glad !!!
    In 1987, I was only 15 years old, i buy my first cassette of u2 "The Joshua Tree", My first concert of U2 in 1998 whith my girlfriend. Now in 2017 married with the same woman, back to the National stadium of Chile to see another concert, thanks for this 30 years. See you in Chile.
    Following U2`s route
    Now I'm in England expecting to see them at twickenham stadium and give them that shout of a Chilean fan that all he want is see you in his country.
    I neeedddd ticketss
    welcome U2
    So happy :)
    IM lu2
    Im waiting you guys since you leave Brazil
    Very happy
    My fourth in Chilr
    Can't hardly wait to be there yet again!
    Waiting for a new experience...
    Good news
    I hope to see the fourth u2 concert in Chile !!! 1.- 11 febrero 1998 -Estadio Nacional - U2 POP 2.- 26 febrero 2006 - Estadio Nacional - U2 VERTIGO TOUR 3.- 25 marzo 2011- Estadio Nacional - U2 360 TOUR
    Will Play Again
    Very Happy!!1
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