The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Oct 19 2017
Sao Paulo, BR / Morumbi Stadium
with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

'Sunlight on my face…'
'Streets' on the first night of four in Sao Paulo.

When & Where
Thursday, October 19th 2017, Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Night 48 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Tour.
The final city on this extraordinary tour. The first night of four in Sao Paulo, the first time the band will have ever played the same tour show four nights in any stadium.
"Quando você realmente quer alguma coisa, o universo conspira" Paulo Coelho (“When you really want something, the universe conspires")

Set List
Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years Day, Bad, Pride, Where The Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, With Or Without You, Bullet The Blue Sky, Running To Stand Still, Red Hill Mining Town, IN God's Country, Trip Through Your Wires, One Tree Hill, Exit, Mothers Of The Disappeared, Beautiful Day, Elevation, Vertigo, You're The Best Thing About Me, Ultra Violet (Light My Way). One. 

Social posts :
@destak (via Twitter) 'Também foram citadas Taís Araújo e Maria da Penha; 'Mulheres estupendas', diz Bono, em português'  (translated : 'aís Araújo and Maria da Penha were also mentioned; 'Awesome women,' says Bono, in Portuguese'
@SilRigote (via Twitter) 'Vancouver...Seattle...Buffalo and to end it all in Brazil . I wish I could describe what I'm feeling right now'. 
@meddyeddy (via Twitter) '#U2TheJoshuaTree2017  rocks Sao Paulo brilliant and inspiring tunes and thoughts Bono.. luv u guyz' 

In The Press  
O Globo (translation by Max Tsukino) 'U2 promotes high-tech time tunnel in São Paulo'  The Irish band performed for a crowded Morumbi on Thursday night.
U2 saw the future, baby, and it's the past. In revisiting the iconic 1987 album "The Joshua Tree", the monolithic Irish band made their musical and geographic journey across the United States on a state-of-the-art screen that mixes live images of the musicians with recorded scenes and interactions between them… 
The 1987 album was played in full and in order, with arrangements very close to the originals - eventually with the guitar most present or taken faster - in front of a spectacular 200 x 45 ft. screen (something like 60 meters wide by 14 high)… The films have the Dutchman Anton Corbijn's signature, a long-time collaborator of the band who visited places in the USA such as Death Valley and Zabriskie Point, recording spectacular images to accompany songs like "Where the Streets Have no Name" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". The beginning of the album, with one hit after another - and with the band in excellent shape after six months on the road - was 'soup in the honey*'…
Women's rights seem to be the flagship of U2 today - the band does not fail to be in touch with each country's issues, as shown by drummer Larry's t-shirt with the words “CENSURA NUNCA MAIS" ("Censorship Never More") painted on the back. "Ultraviolet ", in the second encore, had images of women like Frida Kahlo and Angela Merkel, besides the Brazilian Taís Araújo, Tarsila do Amaral and Conceição Evaristo, who were glorified on the big screen. Tarsila do Amaral: Brazilian painter. One of the first artists in Latin America to bring modernism to the art in the region...'

If you had to pick one song :
'I wanna feel sunlight on my face.
I see the dust-cloud
Disappear without a trace.
I wanna take shelter
From the poison rain
Where the streets have no name...'

'Streets' in Sao Paulo as a full-throttle Brazilian audience decks the stadium in red balloons (organised by some of the Brazilian fan clubs)

What else did Bono say : 
“You're not going back Brazil" (during MOTD)

Review on 
luisparra21. 'The show of my life. U2 and my soundtrack, the first São Paulo show was incredible. Thank you U2 for this incredible life to me.'

KLEBERU2BR19 'Yes, we can! U2 gave me back hope in humanity. I was needing! God Bless You Guys!'

Also Noteworthy
A dedication during Bad, with a 'Heroes' snippet, to Renato Russo and Cazuza, Brazilian musicians.
Shoutout to actor Owen Wilson during Beautiful Day. Striking rendering of the Brazilian flag during 'One' , created for the show by Susana Yamamoto, working with the creative team on the tour and a native of Sao Paulo.

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    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    2nd concert and not enough for all amazi
    I’ve started crying when the band has come to stage and cried during the first 2 or 3 songs I guess… it was like being back to 80s when joshua tree was on top of charts (and I was just a kid trying to sing like my old cousins…). It was my 2nd U2 concert and cannot wait for other ones to come, in Brazil or anywhere… love u guys!
    Sonho Realizado.
    We Need New Dreams Tonight. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
    Beautiful night
    Incredible evening for the #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 tour!!!
    A magic moment. No words can describe the felling of watching my favorite band with my family, holding my baby in my arms. So much love! Hear their heartbeat!
    19th October, 2017
    It was my fourth U2 concert but I felt it was my first time seeing them. I don't have enough words to descibre what I feel when I'm at a U2 show. It's such a transcendental feeling. Please, come back soon. <3
    SP 19/10/07
    We are here!
    Beto e Edi
    Tão emocionante como todos os shows anteriores. Ansioso pelo próximo! Thanks U2 for participating of our lives!
    Eu e meu pai curtindo U2 no Morumbi São
    Eu e meu pai no Morumbi no dia 19-10-2017 Show pra ficar para sempre em nossas memórias!!!!!
    Unforgetable.. Fire!
    Thanks for the awesome night. Memorable! Don't be away for so long! You are always welcome in Brazil!
    Amazing night
    Greatful. I was there.
    A Hint
    I'm a little drunk, but I still think it's a good suggestion, put on the boss's shirt at "Elevation": renovação política, chega de demagogia!
    Wonderful Night!!
    Melhor show da nossa vida! Muita emoção do início ao fim! Ficamos bem perto do palco!! amamos o U2!!
    JoshuaTreeTour2017 SãoPaulo
    I had the privilege of watching 2 of the 4 concerts planned for my City. I was at the Morumbi stadium on October 19th and 21st, I was truly delighted. I would like to thank you immensely for all the excitement you have given me. Maybe next time with you the dreamed autograph. All my love and admiration to the boys of U2 ❤️
    Full lung with the crowd
    I admit I doubted the potential that the band said about this commemorative tour, since I insisted on the biased idea that the experience of the show only has a narrative of deep nostalgia. I was completely wrong. The show is epic! It's a tour that carries a unique three-decade album added to a load of brilliant audio and visual experience! I truly thrilled to be able to sing so cleanly and in public that number of classics. The sequence of four pre-TJT hits transforms anyone's ticket into pure gold. Already the second part, which holds the full TJT, holds unimaginable surprises for fans of hits as fans of the band's work. You were right, the concept of the tour worked and it really needed to be extended, just being there to understand. I felt especially surprised and thrilled with Red Hill Minning Town, One Tree Hill and Mothers of the Disapperead. I did not expect to sing these songs in full lung with the crowd. I was there, only 12 meters from you when I heard the homage to Cazuza and Renato Russo during a masterful stretch of "Heroes" at the end of "Bad". I listened to the advice about believing in positive things hard enough to actually occur, said during the memory of these Brazilian composers. I am tempted to believe that it was the result of other comments from me in this lonely and passionate pulpit about your music, but there remains that taste that will forever be a fisherman's story. I was very happy with what appeared to be evidence about a possible communication with you. My wife, who always thought it was a result of delusion from my passion for the band, heard and be sure that there was some kind of communication at that moment. She cried, kissed me and said she loved me and then apologized. I was kind of out of reaction and dizzy, then I celebrated with the possibility. But at the end of the show I had a strange feeling, a feeling that I had not done enough to see you, a feeling that I should have spent more time in São Paulo and at least have seen one more show from you. There will be a couple of my relatives on the show today, I'm felling a little envy. About the quote "censura nunca mais", I do have some freedom to say that this was a complicated move. There is a recent politicization of the theme in Brazil that makes gender ideology a rule and that trivializes the human body to nudity before the eyes of children with the proposition that it is art. For example, I know that the band itself was once misunderstood despite the cover of the album "Boy", but this case is not a lack of understanding, it's a political opportunism of some Brazilian artists and it's about of indoctrination that corrupts the values of the traditional family with objective of polarizing the theme and other related issues in the elections in 2018. The intention of background is moralize with the ideology of gender as a rule and perpetuate through social media that it is almost inappropriate and obsolete when you defend the family in your traditional model. In this diffuse environment, as a recent family man, I chose a catholic school to my two-year-old daughter. In fact, there is almost a censorship of those who defend the traditional family just because there are potential future presidential candidates who also defend it and who also defend that the child must be protected from premature sexuality stimulation. I do not want to argue further on these matters, I just want to thank you for the beautiful presentation of October 19th. Thank you very much!
    The show of my life
    U2 and my soundtrack, the first São Paulo show was incredible. Thank you U2 for this incredible life to me
    Great show, as always ❤
    Beautiful night!
    U2 understand the country's situation so much more than many brazilians.
    ACTHUNG, U2 crew!
    I attended first night in Twickenham and São Paulo, both unforgetable! But about Brasil, please: a) make "The Whole Of The Moon" LOUDER - it is the hymn of the concert and adds the best vibe I have ever witnessed before a U2 concert (i've been in 13 since Pop Mart). It was a bit shy in Morumbi and needs more volume; b) "Miss Sarajevo" and its content are relevant to brazilian audience - why drop it from the set list? or c) replace by "Mysterious Ways" and its extravaganza ritual with the girl onstage, always a big moment here in São Paulo. I will be with you again on Sunday and thanks to deliver this epic journey. It is just renew my votes to the band, which I like to mention like Bono does sometimes: "my band".
    Foi o quarto, mas não faltou emoção e boas energias. A banda não é mais a mesma, mas os fãs entendem isso perfeitamente. Obrigado por mais uma noite inesquecível.
    U2 SP
    You have our hearts and minds... thanks for Friday’s night great concert!
    Five times U2 Brazil!
    Espetaculares como sempre! 1998 Pop Mart, 2006 Vertigo, 2011, 360 e agora mais uma Obra Prima! Muito obrigado U2!
    U2 in Sao Paulo
    we were there
    That´s the way the life should be
    Amazing night!
    Hello, U2!!! We Love you!!!!!!!
    U2 in Sao Paulo
    no words!! Amazed
    Great picture taken by Rodrigo Kleinpaul
    Great show, especially side B of the Joshua Tree.
    The Joshua Tree Tour 19 October 2017 Sao
    One word says it all: Magnificent!
    Yes, we can!
    U2 gave me back hope in humanity. I was needing! God Bless You Guys!
    Fantastic night
    Beatiful day. Beatiful night. Beatiful life
    Acompanho a banda desde 1982,o amor é tanto que estou tatuando o nome da banda na minha perna!
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