Sep 8 2018
Paris, FR / AccorHotels Arena

'Lights go down, it's dark…'

'Lights go down, it's dark…'

When & Where
Opening night in AccorHotels Arena, Paris, Saturday September 8th 2018.

Set List
First of four shows in Paris and the European tour is well underway - Summer of Love is received with a fantastic crowd clap-along, being played live for the first time in the country that inspired its creation. 'Four Irishmen discovering (for the first time) the South of France… how fancy!' Here's the full set list

In The Press 
Eric Bureau for Le Parisien (translated from French original via google translate) 
'... the first black and white images of European cities destroyed between 1939 and 1945, Hamburg, Paris, Cologne, London, Manchester, explode in your face. Chaplin's face in "The Dictator" and an excerpt from his satirical film of 1940 herald the very pro-European message that the band has decided to bring to the European part of its world tour. They use more and better this screen than during the previous tour. They also attack the effective "The Blackout" - a title of the last album - hidden inside with their four silhouettes projected in shadows. They will return to play several times, including the Irish passage of the concert where Bono sings about his mother, Iris, his youth at Cedarwood Road, Dublin, then the classic "Sunday Bloody Sunday". …the show (then) takes off after an hour with "Until the End of the World" and the animated film that introduces the second part. In this cartoon, the four musicians explain in French with humour and self-deprecation how they survived the famous encounter with the devil - the worldwide success and all the vertigo that is linked - before returning to a small circular stage installed at the foot bleachers. This is where U2 is the best, at hand and heart. They deliver explosive versions of "Elevation" and "Vertigo", and offer fans a nugget from the album "Achtung Baby", "Acrobat", and beautiful acoustic versions of "You're the Best Thing About Me" and "Summer of Love", taken from their very good last album. The Francophile Bono repeatedly says his love for France, "the country of Johnny Hallyday and Brigitte Bardot", in Paris "the city of light", thanks the singer Cali to support its humanitarian associations in France. Very aware of the news, he pretends to lambast the "steps for the climate" of the day by replaying his double faust, the evil character of Mr. Mac Phisto who marked the ZooTv tour 25 years ago.
Power to the people, gender equality, the reception of migrants, the favourite themes of U2 are obviously also on the menu of a very European show. Taken in chorus by the hall, the humanist hymn "Pride" - inspired by Martin Luther King - is illustrated by the clash of images of migrants welcomed in Europe by Nazi militants, the rock anthem "New Year's Day" is sung before a huge European flag and finished with some notes of the European anthem, "The hymn to joy". Reminders also have their hymn, the unmistakable "One", and a touching finale with "Love is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way" - a hymn to difference illustrated by happy images of homosexual couples, young transsexuals, marginalised and the poignant "13 (There Is a Light)" where Bono crosses the hall to return to the home of his Dublin childhood, reproduced in miniature, before disappearing into the pit. The return to innocence. In these moments of grace, U2 leaves us speechless….'

On The Socials 
@luxetiffany (via Instagram) :  U2 in Paris #U2eiTour was phenomenal! The crowd was so energized and the band was on fire! If you have the chance to see this show... go! You will love it!

Laurence Wowy (via Facebook) Hi guys! I was there last night ... it was SENSATIONAL !!! you were all fabulous… I met fans as crazy as me and I felt in my element, I was good, I was in paradise! I want to keep in myself those sensations that fill me with happiness! Do not change anything ... You are the best and your love for the human kind gives me hope for the future !!! seven billion BISOUS of France

@HerzensSonne22 (via Twitter) Every time I see the visuals for ”Summer of love” and ”Pride” I ask my self: Will we ever learn…??? Sometimes it's hard not to loose hope. U2 makes me cling to it, no matter what.

What Did Bono Say?
'Still you hear those voices in your head… telling you you're nothin'… then you look over and you see The Edge, and think - WOW…  you see Adam Clayton and you think 'look at him!… and you see Larry Mullen Junior… and your know truth is not far from here…'

“Blessed is Oscar Wilde, for he loved Paris enough to die here!” 

Shoutouts to Paul McGuinness, in the audience, and Willie Williams, with the crowd joining in a half-english, half french version of 'Happy Birthday' to the #U2eiTour Stage Director.

If you were at the first show in Paris, add your own reviews and add your photos here.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Great night in Paris.
    What a gig tonight in Paris. The audiance was exited
    Still so many emotions to live a concert of U2 !!! Thank you for being You. Val.
    me and mom
    beautiful night !!!
    Mum and daughter - experience and innoce
    This was my 7th U2 concert, the third one with my kids, now aged 11 and 8. The name of the concert couldn't have been chosen any better. It was wonderful to see my daughter enjoying the concert so much, feeling the same energy and excitement as me :) I hope it will leave a life long impression on her and that she'll hold on to the values the band wanted to bring across. I saw lots of kids on this gig, it gives me hope: there is a light, we won't let it go out! Keep on rocking guys, you are the best!
    We got experienced in Paris
    What a night in Paris on Saturday !! Thank you so, so much for this opening night on fire ! This U2 gig is really more than just an engaged rock show like we can read it in the press, it is truly an experience- without pun- to live and to feel ! It definitely is a moment out of reality, truly unique ! Ines
    Great experience
    Bono thanked us for giving them such a great life, but thank U2 for the pleasure you brought us ! Great show, great experience. Alex&Patrice
    Bercy 1 - september 8 2018
    My first visit to Accorhotels Arena.Platinum seat.Magnificent.
    C'est Magnifique!!!
    This was an awesome gig. Saw the IE set in MSG but the lads blew it out of the water last night. Red Flag Day outstanding and Larry's drumming on RFD superlative. Bono in chatty form... another sign that his voice in fine fettle. These guys are one of main reasons I am Irish and Proud.
    Juste magique!
    Après avoir été au concert reporté post attentats de 2015 et le Stade de France, hier soir j'ai trouvé que ce concert était le plus réussi! Bravo!
    You can‘t come back where you never left
    I was in the 1st Bercy show and loved every minute of it. A great sound, not too loud, recognisable basses opposite to Berlin 2015. Great set-list, wolfs out (sunday is enough info), desire out fore more „experienced“ and exciting Even better than the real thing, Staring at the sun out for 1 more great new album - song Summer of love with the same message. I bursted spontaniously into tears during Love is bigger... I don‘t know exactly why and it never happened before that I cry at a rock concert. Maybe I should see a shrink. One of best concerts I‘ve ever been to.
    Great gig.
    Great atmosphere in the house. I feld that U2 ❤ Paris.
    U2 en France à Paris
    heureux de revoir Bono et sa bande à Paris qui aime U2 après les avoir un premier concert de Berlin le 31/08, une ambiance de feu à Paris Bono, laisse nous chanter plus longtemps les rappels s'il te plait et vive les autres concerts avec une play list modifiée :) une belle idée de faire un concert à Nîmes, cher Cédric, c'est pas loin d'Eze :)
    My best Birthday ever.
    From Coimbra (Portugal) to Paris to celebrate with the best. Thank you U2.
    Yeah Yeah Yeah !!!
    One More Time it was so GOOD GOOD GOOD !!!
    What Night
    Been waiting on this since London Best Gig yet travelled from Glasgow I would have walked 500,000 miles to see that Brill.
    Love U2
    This is a great song- will you play it live??
    missing song...
    so you are not going to play "Where the streets have no name" in this tour?
    Bon concert à tous !
    Salut, Pour la première fois en plus de 25 ans, je vais manquer un des concerts de U2 en France. Je vous souhaite à tous un / des excellent/s concert/s qui pour avoir été à deux des quatre concerts de novembre 2015 étaient fantastiques, sans parler de celui de l'année dernière au Stade de France. Et ceci pour ne parler que des derniers, pour ne pas trop faire vieux fan. Allez les U2, vous êtes les meilleurs !!! A plus (en attendant impatiemment le DVD)
    I WILL FOLLOW my ❤️ on ONE of those BEAUTIFUL DAYS @ THE CITY OF BLINDING LIGHTS. #U2 #U2eiTour #U2SongsofExperience #Paris #WeareU2fansfromBelgium #Gent
    American Soul
    PLEASE play Amercan Soul !!!!!
    Almost there
    The venue in Paris is coming up. Looking forward to see the lads from Dublin again in the City of Blinding Lights. Greetz and see you all there. David
    3 years later....
    we missed the canceled Paris show nov 14 2015 due to the attacks the day before.....I coming back to Paris 3 years later, this time with my soon (9) for his 1st U2 show.....I dream the meet the band, but probably will stay a dream.....
    Bono Voice !! Bercy Soul
    U2 back in Paris Bercy Hall ..... Not the best place in my choices . Go to Nîmes Antic Arénas ..... this is the place to Rock'n Roll
    i'm running...
    i'm running again in to your arms !
    8 Septembre 2018 à Bercy - 50 ans
    8 septembre 2018 ce jour lá je vais faire 50 ans! le meilleur cadeaux...voir U2 à Paris Pascal
    This year Paris... but New York first...
    Last year we flew from Detroit to Dublin for the Croke Park show and in two weeks we go to New York for the Madison Square Garden show on the 25th and now we have our tickets for Paris on Sept. 8th.... always a great show!! It's a long way from the first time seeing them at Stoney Brook college to Nassau coliseum to Live Aid... once a fan, always a fan!! Shine the light of love!
    Stay (far away, so close)
    I have a live version of Stay (Far away, so close) and it's my favourite U2 song. It would be magical if they played it in Paris on September 8th, only 2 days after my birthday. Fingers crossed!! And if anyone would like to hear it too, please make it known, maybe they guys can be convinced ;)
    Paris "Mon Amour"
    3 ans plus tard .... nos 4 fameux Irlandais seront de retour sur la fabuleuse scène de Paris/ Bercy ou le son est magnifique !! So excited !! et toujours aussi bien placé grâce aux pré-ventes... merci U2.com
    U2 Bercy
    U2 = Bercy
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