Sep 5 2018
Cologne, DE / Lanxess Arena

Getting Vertigo in Germany

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When & Where
Second night in Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Wednesday September 5th 2018.

Set List
Lifting the roof of the Lanxess Arena in Cologne tonight with a special shoutout to longtime friend from the days when everyone gave everyone another name:  'Bottle Of Milk right in front of you'.  Here's the full set list from Cologne 2.

Experience of the Day
Caroline van Oosten de Boer, owner of U2 fanzine @U2log was at the show and wasn't surprised by that shoutout (via twitter) :
"See the Bottle of Milk standing right in front if you." Actually, he's standing next to me.  (for more info on 'Bottle Of Milk' check out these tweets from zoomod @MaxTsukino : https://twitter.com/maxtsukino/status/1037413836066832384 & https://twitter.com/maxtsukino/status/1037416395972272128)

On The Socials 
@Chulia83 'Maybe I'm going to repeat myself the next couple of days, sorry, but: I'm still not over how beautiful @u2's #u2eitour is and what a wonderful, personal, heartwarming, sometimes funny and well figured out storyline they brought up on stage here'

Written by Christian Beyermann for Reflections Of Darkness website :  '...Around half past 8pm, the lighting was dimmed, the Noel Gallagher song 'It's a Beautiful World' started playing, and the giant screens came to life with a video projection of a mash-up of scenes from Charlie Chaplin's iconic film 'The Great Dictator', interlaced with pictures of real and would-be dictators (think Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump), destroyed cities all over Europe in the aftermath of WWII, and demonstrating youths bearing "Refugees welcome" banners... U2 started playing 'The Blackout' from the  2017 'Songs of Experience' album from inside the barricage, of which the main upper part was slowly lifted towards the ceiling. What became immediately clear is that the sound engineers had done a tremendous job. Wherever you were inside the huge arena, you were truly immersed into the soundscape of the concert without losing a sense of direction where the music originated, and all instruments and Bono's distinct vocals came across in a perfectly clear way. ..
The song 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' saw Bono and his band members marching on the barricage towards the other stage. The stage transition was also marked by an abrupt change in looks, as Bono donned a black coat, a top-hat, and a ton of make-up to mark his metamorphosis into a Mephistopheles -like character. This was augmented by the screen projection which positioned a devilish mask onto Bono's face, while he was singing songs like 'Elevation' and 'Vertigo'. 

What Did Bono Say?
'A story of four ordinary boys, made extraordinary by our music and our audience… we are very humbled to be in this position'

'Danke danke… In Berlin I could not sing that song… but you sang it for us…we will be forever in your debt,'(after Red Flag Day)

'Blessed is Köln, the heart of Europe, the blue of the sky we share and the yellow stars over our heads'

"Danke für die geile Nacht!" 

Zootopia / Fan Reviews
zootopian Saydee was at the show and was updating us live with video snippets via twitter, you can review the night through her tweets here

If you were at the second show in Cologne, add your own photos and reviews below.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Same setlist
    Again no Amercan Soul ...... one of THE rock & roll songs U2 ever made ...... And for the real fans the same setlist and no AR experience ?!! But again AMAZING performance (litlle bit better then 1st cologne) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on going guys .... not only the best band of Ireland ....OF THE WORLD !!!
    We love You deep Bono
    Full voice is back!!!!! We are so thankful for leading us to higher levels during the our own eXPERIENCE trip of emotional intelligence, which everybody should discover. We thank You for your true Love, which is born out of things needed to do in a long way and finally leads to ONE of the deepest hurts, to meet "IRIS" again. Healing... We know there is no feeded lie. Maybe even McPhisto (Good to have You back here Man!) thinks sometimes:"Get all these cynics into their clinics. We truly love Bono.
    Great intimate show! Storytelling was on
    The personal touch added to the songs by Vino's spoken word poetry, personal annecdotes, open commentary about latest episodes line Bono's I'm losing his voice and gaining it back (Mephisto has something to say about that), just enough activism and politics to make it meaningful without losing touch, production level of imagery and soundscapes... All made for an unforgettable night.
    Experience Tour Latin America
    I saw the Picture and the videos of this Tour and it's amazing... please next year come to Latin América and of course México. Could you Please change the Setlist a Little bit? For example: LIST The Blackout Lights of Home Electric Co Red Flag Day All Because of You The Ocean Iris (Hold Me Close) Sunday Bloody Sunday Raised By Wolves Until The End Of The World Salome (Intermission) Hold Me Trill Me Kiss Me Kill Me Fly Even Better Than The Real Thing Acrobat Unforgetable Fire Summer of Love Zooropa Get Out of Your Own Way New Year's Day Magnificent ENCORE Book Of your Heart Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way 13 (There is a Light)
    Awesome second night in Cologne
    Bono's voice in good shape!! Two great great nights in Cologne
    One more chance and yes, satisfied. VERTIGO is pure ADRENALINE. (look up my niece's Adrenaline, it's not rock but she rocks!) I think I might want to sing. I know I want to go to Dublin.
    From the Glens of Antrim to Koln.
    What a show guys you are like a fine maturing wine. Belfast and Dublin you are in for one hell of a show. I loved the reworking of Pride and especially New Years Day. You never sit on you hands and play it safe.
    Not yet played in Europe? It's a beautiful song. and why is Cologne 1 the same as Cologne 2 For all the fans who go to see more concerts….please play not the same in the same city.. greetings Berry
    From Brazil
    My mom and I will travel all the way from Brazil just to enjoy the show! It will be my mom´s first concert ever. Can´t wait!
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