Oct 12 2018
Milan, IT / Mediolanum Forum

'From the north side of Dublin…'

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'We're a band from the north side of Dublin called the U2 formerly the hype this is our new tune I Will Follow…'

When & Where
Second night in Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Friday 12th October 2018.

Set List
'We're a band from the north side of Dublin called the U2 formerly the hype this is our new tune I Will Follow…' 
And there was another 'new tune' in the show tonight.

'The landlady takes me up in the air
I go, I go where I would not dare
The landlady shows me the stars up there
I'm weightless
Weightless when she is there
And I'll never know
Never know what starving poets meant
Cause when I was broke
It was you that always paid the rent…'

Tour debut for the beautiful Landlady tonight, which leaves just the one song from Songs of Experience yet to be played live. And on another loud night with the passionate fans of Milan, Bono recalled that on the band's first tour to Italy, 'these four boys discovered that we were Latin… other bands could play being cool but the U2 boys, we wanted to be hot... like the opera.' That went down well... 

Here is the full setlist from Milan 2.

On The Fansites
Joni (@jzcanuck on Twitter) was there for both opening shows in Milan, covering the show for fansite @U2gigs. She sent us these words in reflection, on her train ride home to Switzerland :
' “I go, I go where I would not dare.” It was a personal journey of different vantage points and new perspectives that I could not have imagined. It was the experience of this massive show from the seats, the adrenaline rush from the premiere of “Landlady” and an unforgettable encounter with the Showman. From the seats, the technological wonder that is the barricage was an assault on the senses with messages that seemed stronger and more poignant to match the passion of the Italian crowd. Tonight I heard the new setlist changes for the first time and it provided a new appreciation of the show's cleverly woven thread of experience. Many times I have heard fans say how U2 music links so closely with their own life journey. “Zoo Station”, “Stay”, “Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” all bring a rush of memories from the past. And later it was Landlady. Joy. Gratitude. Love. So many emotions we shared together that will now be integrated into our experience of new U2 songs touching our lives in the present. My journey came full circle in Milan. U2 came here to find themselves in the '80s and now I found myself in a moment that was years in the making. My friend and colleague Shabnam, who came from South Africa for the shows, has worked on the frontlines in the fight against HIV for over 12 years across Africa. During the fan greeting before the show we had a chance encounter with Bono and shared our passion for the fight against HIV and for (RED). This gracious man called my friend “a proper hero” just like he does every night before “Even Better Than the Real Thing” to acknowledge “fireman, or teachers, or doctors or journalists”…. We know he means it.
Sometimes experiences from new perspectives change how we see the world. Milan was the place for big emotions, big sound and big experiences that won't be forgotten.'

Experience Of The Day
For everyone in the house… and following along online… live debut of Landlady was the clear winner :
@whitedwarf1979. 'thanks for a wonderful night, I couldn't believe my ears.. you always make me so happy, I can't stop smiling and shouting and dancing  #Landlady'

@Nanners222. 'weekend made U2played Landlady live.. guess what I will be listening to on repeat? lol  my heart.. love this band!!!'

@U2adorableness. 'LANDLADY got me cryin'

@yapeze. '46 conciertos tardaron para largarla en vivo a Landlady, y suena hermosa, putooooooossssssssss'
(translated) '46 concerts took a long time to go live to Landlady, and it sounds beautiful, putooooooossssssssss'

@jzcanuck. 'The moment when you hear Bono utter the words.. “This is the first time we have played this song live..” its a blast of adrenaline. #Landlady'

And @comfortme_u2 got his hand-painted sign request fulfilled 

What Did Bono / Macphisto Say?
'It was Berlin… 1990… we're recording Achtung Baby… Hansa Studios. The wall is coming down… Germany is united… but in the band, the walls are going up. The end of the cold war… but not in the U2 group. We couldn't agree on anything, fighting about this and that. Our band is coming apart… a cold Winter in Berlin…' (intro to 'Stay).

'Milano! Great city of Europe! You can ask more of your politicians! You can ask more from the people who serve you! We sing…. Get Out Of Your Own Way'

(As Mr. MacPhisto)'Buonasera Milano. Macphisto al vostro servicio. Oh, I'm so sad tonight. I do miss my old pal Benito Mussolini. Oh Benny… Benny & The Jets. I used to say… Il Duce, what's the use of the trains running on time if you're not deporting people? He did have some excellent ideas. The Manifesto Of Race… Manifesto Della Razza… so practical. No ethnic shocks after 9 O'Clock. I think that's when we got it all started... no people with very dark tans… unless they're orange! If you know what I mean?'

Were you in the house tonight ? Post your reviews and add your photos below.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    U2 e+i Tour 2018
    Beautiful concert, fantastic song "Landlady"
    Grazie U2.
    Kissed and autographed! Thank u2 for every single emotion you gave me. It's a beautiful day! Don't let it get away!
    4th concert: maybe a few, but still... unforgettable!
    Under a Blood Red Light...
    Great show! Better than Turin 2015...
    Love ❤
    This time I was moved, I passed before my eyes all the years spent together ❤ love forever ❤
    Northside...Just across the river from the Southside That’s a long way here
    We Got a love you can’t defeat...Neither down or out...There’s nothing you have that I need...We can breathe...Breathe now!
    And friendship, once it’s won...It’s won, it’s won
    Questo è stato l'ottavo concerto che ho assistito , il primo a Verona nel lontano 1993 , con un'evoluzione musicale via via sempre migliorata , sino agli ultimi 2 lp (i+e) consacrazione di un'esperienza musicale di 40 Anni di carriera. Grazie eterni "guys" per farci vivere sempre emozioni uniche!!
    MILANO 12/10/2018
    ART since 1980
    October 12th 1981, the album October came out. October 12th 2018 we're still together in Milan with eXPERIENCE and iNNOCENCE in a fantastic show!
    ART since 1980
    October 12th 1981, the album October came out. October 12th 2018, we're still together in Milan with eXPERIENCE and iNNOCENCE and a fantastic show!
    a dream realized
    It was 1994 when for the first time I listened a U2 album. On Friday, after three concerts where I could only admire them from afar, I finally realized my dream to see them closely. Under the stage, I was able to admire the great personality of Bono, the sweet smile of Adam, the impassability of Larry and the energy of The Edge. It was a mystical experience to see finally who, with his music, has literally saved my life. The show was magical, engaging, unique and, as always, the 4 Dubliners didn't spare themselves giving everything to their fans. I had been waiting for this moment for 24 years and they did not disappoint me. On the contrary, they gave me an unexpected gift, playing a large part of Achtung Baby, because this was the album that opened the door to the fantastic world of U2 music ... Thank you very much.
    26 years..
    this was the 12th time i saw you since 1992.. i have to say it was the most emotional one.. i was crying for 2 hours.. it showed me that you are the soundtrack of my life! thank you for acrobat and stay... and PLEASE return to switzerland!!
    Unforgettable U2
    Great show
    Unforgettable night
    Great show, tanks U2, again
    Bono for President!
    It was really a beautiful night. No long waiting times, the parterre was really comfortable and I was very close to the second stage even if arriving 19:15. Macphisto side... I appreciated very much your acting skills and many face expressions. The show is incredible and much better than the i+e. Thanks Bono for your words on the Italian political situation. I am with you.
    Great show, hopefully back to Switzerlan
    Hi guys fantastic show, thank you for that. We came to your show down to Milano from Schaffhausen. It's very nice doing all these city trips travelling to your gigs, but it'd be truly great having you back in Switzerland one day ;-) Best wishes, keep on doing what you do. The Schaffhausen Family
    So powerful!
    Our fifth show this autumn, our 59th so far! And what a spectacle, so intense, so meaningful, so full of joy!
    ASSAGO - Mediolanum Forum 12-10-2018
    Grazie per lemozioni che da 40 anni ci trasmettete - You are the best thing about us
    Meeting Bono! What an EXPERIENCE.....my EXPERIENCE!
    An amazing Night!!!!!!
    God Bless U2!!!!!!
    Milan 10122018
    Great show, thank you
    I ❤️ Macphisto and Acrobat
    Bono, thanks for your words during your Macphisto performance. Italy is not in its best politics moment. Thanks for playing Acrobat too!
    Thanks from Swiss fans
    We came from Lausanne, Switzerland for our first U2 Show: we’ve been singing and dancing all along... Thank you for such a great time and such a good message for the time we live! Hope to have you back in Switzerland
    Meraviglioso ... Meraviglioso ... Meravi
    Serata indimenticabile , come tutte quelle vissute insieme a loro ... U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much more than a concert!
    U2 concert with my friends: simply the best thing in the world!
    Noi siamo ancora qua
    Quanti anni sono passati ... 21 per l'esattezza... e già sono una fan di seconda generazione... eppure la vostra musica rimane poesia, la tua voce magia e il vostro impegno sociale mi rende fiera di essere una fan. Siamo invecchiati certo, tutti invecchiano se sopravvivono, ma il fuoco che avete dentro resta immutato. Si, questo post è una dichiarazione d'amore agli #U2
    2nd night in Milan
    Pure magic ! #U2 #U2italia
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