Oct 15 2018
Milan, IT / Mediolanum Forum

'It's no secret…'

Who knows what this band are going to play from night to night? 
After Landlady out of the blue three nights ago, tonight it was The Fly that arrived in the set, a perfect finale to the new Berlin sequence of Zoo Station, Stay and Wild Horses.

When & Where
Third night in Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Monday 15th October 2018.

Set List
Who knows what this band are going to play from night to night? After Landlady out of the blue three nights ago, tonight it was The Fly that arrived in the set, a perfect finale to the new Berlin sequence of Zoo Station, Stay and Wild Horses.
First time since 2011.. and  - THIS IS NOT A REHEARSAL - some eye-popping visuals to go with it. 

'It's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
It's no secret that our world is in darkness tonight.
They say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by the moon
Y' know I don't see you when she walks in the room...'

Red Flag Day is also back after a five show break. Here's the full set list from Milan 3. 

On The Fansites
Long-running Italian Fansite @U2Place have been at all the Italian shows to date, here's their review of Milan 3. (translated via google)
'On October 15, 1940, exactly 78 years ago, 'The Great Dictator' was shown in the cinema for the first time, but his message is still very current. Chaplin takes us into this new U2 concert that starts pushing on the accelerator with 'The Blackout'… 'Lights Of Home' is the second piece of the evening (then 'I Will Follow')… Energy that sweeps away any resistance and makes you jump from start to finish… It is then the turn of 'Red Flag Day'… The voices of the public follow that of Bono and fill the Forum… 
A memorable Berlin moment begins with 'Zoo Station', the level is raised and the audience accompanies the band in this musical journey. 'Stay' (a real gem) - the audience sings this song word by word, multiplying the emotion that every fan is experiencing right now. Hearts that beat in unison!. This sequence ends with a resounding 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses'… (and) continues with the raw sound of the early nineties, with a tour debut, the long-awaited 'THE FLY'! These last four pieces in a row are something incredible… 
After a short break… U2 return to the stage… an adrenaline rush with 'Elevation' and 'Vertigo'. 'What? Paul is dead, I'm fucking BONO!' 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' is an explosion of colours placed above the e-stage, flooding the whole arena with light. The star dust falling on the crowd anticipates the 'Polar Star' 'Acrobat', an essential moment of the concert... Bono takes off his mask and lowers the engine, giving us 'You're The Best Thing About Me'… the audience applauds in time and accompanies the band in this song. The transition between 'Summer Of Love' and 'Pride' is one of the most interesting ideas of this leg. Absolutely very successful!
Adam and Edge go up on the (podium) stage set up on the sides… and the arena is unleashed! Great enthusiasm about this absolute masterpiece of U2 history… You skip ahead in time to 'Songs Of Experience' with 'Get Out Of Your Own Way'… the choir of the crowd, always particularly involved with these concerts in Milan, are felt throughout the song.
The absolute class of U2 is revealed again in the next piece, 'New Years Day'… we chase once again the bass of our Adam that takes us back to the early 80's… the hymn to joy that announces the arrival of 'City Of Blinding Lights'. It's the turn of 'One' and the audience now enchanted… 'Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way' leads us to the final farewell… our four favourite Irish leave us… with the notes of '13 (There Is A Light)'…

Experience Of The Day
Witnessing 'The Fly' ascend from innocence to experience. The decoding of the stunning new visuals began within minutes… 'Its like a huge digital word search' said Alison (@amubalt via Twitter)… #trending

@atu2comSherry (via Twitter) 'The band's history is embedded into the screen. Beyond the favourite Fly slogans, there's so much "hidden" U2-ness in there...Willie Williams hit this out of the ballpark.'

@U2start (via Twitter) 'THE FLY! It's first performance since Moncton 2011, it closes the first part of the set after Wild Horses. What a tour debut tonight in Milan.\'

@amubalt (via Twitter) Allisøn Retweeted U2enEspaña 'Ok U2 Trainspotters - SO MUCH to dig into here! Lots of hidden words, codes, messages, patterns. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the screen closing on the band to bookend the opening reveal at the start of the show. Bravo, Willie & team!'

@CathalU2ie (via Twitter) 'Is there a better #IrishMusicParty than the return of The Fly complete with ZooTV-esque screen in Milan tonight?'

What Did Bono / Macphisto Say?
'What being a rock and roll star does to the mind of a young man… what's Italian for 'loco'? Pazzo? Crazy? Same in every language!' (intro to Even Better Than The Real thing)

'Blessed is Santa Maria delle Grazie, where you can join in the Last Supper … Blessed are the pavement artists where they make a dance of our walk… Blessed is La Scala… Blessed is Luciano Pavarotti…' (amongst the B Atitudes intro to New Years Day)

'Whats that smell? Oh, its confusion! My favourite scent. When the truth is complex and lies are so simple, its great to be Macphisto…'

U2.com / Zootopia Reviews
p8little  (translated)'Third night in Assago - What a show to be there for three consecutive concerts! The fly is the gem of the evening - U2 are so great as they are not only a band, but also true friends ...' 

Were you in the house tonight ? Post your reviews and add your photos here.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Milano 15/10/2018
    Con mio figlio Stefano.
    Grazie U2.
    If there is a light, We can't always see... If there is a world, We can't always be. If there is a dark, Now we shouldn't doubt. And there is a light, Don't let it go out.
    The loss of innocence is disappointing
    Flying half way around the world today from Sydney to London to see the "experience + innocence" tour but I am very disappointed that the innocence songs have now disappeared completely from the set list. Thrilled, of course, that rarities like Acrobat and Horses made it but to have 6 songs - a quarter of the set list! made up of tracks from achtung baby is way too much. This really needs to be rebranded as the e+AB tour.
    Milano 15/10/2018
    There is light you can only see... My light is U2.... Thanks for the show....
    Thank you to exist U2!!
    On October 15th I was in Milan, and I had an extraordinary spectacle!!! Thank you to exist U2!!
    Ciao Milan, see you in Manchester
    Great to hear the Fly (especially hearing the sound check from outside the forum) Looking forward to Manchester on Friday and hopefully hearing Gloria and Landlady???
    Northside....Just across the river from the Southside... That’s a long way here!
    Gym Jealousy
    WHY DOES ONLY EUROPE GET ZOO STATION? I get it, but I also want TO GET IT. ho hum. At least you zoo get me thru my mile. (Did I mention I wanted to sing?) Maybe Zooropa can get me thru my mile.... Or Daddy / Crashed Car. Ooooh the thought of it!
    Milano 15/10/2018 Un sogno che si avvera
    Dopo Roma 1997,Stoccolma 2015,Roma 2017 ,Milano 2018 con mio Figlio stefano di 19 anni dopo averlo cresciuto a pane e u2 anche lui ha potuto ammirare questo fantastico gruppo. Grazie Bono, Edge,Larry,Adam . E' stato duro partire da Cagliari ma ne valsa la pena anche questa volta. Per sempre U2 nel mio cuore.
    Great time at Forum....... 2 hours of U2
    A smashing gig ….. an astonishing performance …… a great evening……. band in ana absolutely 'state of grace': in a word U 2 !!!!!!
    Thank you for this great night i Milan! It was amazing see you live on stage! Olga and Antonella
    Unite we're one
    U2 are so great as they are not only a band, but also true friends ...
    Terza sera ad Assago
    Che spettacolo esserci per tre concerti consecutivi ! The fly la chicca della serata
    Please, bring back Achtung Baby!! I was too little and I need to live one ZooTV concert!!
    3rd gig in Milan --- > 3rd concert for m
    I'll be there tonight and tomorrow too... I can't miss the opportunity to be part of this magic for 4 nights!!!
    L'esperienza e la saggezza degli U2
    ...immagini di città distrutte dalla seconda guerra mondiale: sono quelle dellp spettacolare tour "Experience + Innoncence". La voce è quella del monologo di Charlie Chaplin ne "Il grande dittatore" (1940). Ma non sembra passato così tanto tempo: siamo nel periodo del “Blackout”, e quando partono le note della canzone, sullo schermo si vedono delle silhouette. Si capisce che la musica è dal vivo, ma la band non si vede. Ancora una volta un cocerto memorabile: sono gli U2.
    Travelling from Switzerland to see that show. As the venue seems to be a bit ouside of the city, do you have any comment or advice on how to get there or were to book a hotel ? Already excited !
    Long way from home
    My wife and & will be travelling from Australia to be at this concert. GA for the first time after about 15 concerts since 1989 in Oz (LoveTown) You Italians had better be in for a big night because we want to lift the roof of the stadium! Cannot wait. Will be in the GA line mid afternoon so also look forward to catching up with other fans from around the world. Cheers, Greg
    Dopo Roma 1997 ,Stoccolma 2014,Roma 2017, Il 15 saro' a Milano con mio figlio Stefano(per lui e' la prima volta) .Come sempre sara' un bellissimo concerto ...non vedo l'ora di essere li !-------
    ci saremo
    Mara and Davide Rome, october 2010 olimpico stadium - Milan, october 2018 forum Mediolanum. We are excited!
    Abemus Ticket...
    Yes... Great Place...Great acoustic, and Great audience. In this Place My First show...what a time!!! 92... Zootv...2 Times...from Naples❤️
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