Oct 23 2018
London, GB / O2 Arena

Summer of Love in London Town



When & Where
First night of two, O2 Arena, London, Tuesday October 23rd, 2018

Set List
Summer of Love in London Town. 'That's Adam Clayton there. First manager of the U2. We wouldn't be anywhere without him. That's Larry Mullen Jr... He started this band…' A memory that took us into Summer of Love, two kinds of vessels afloat on the horizon of the Mediterranean, a song that looks back and takes us forward. Opening night in London and a whole show of experience in search of innocence. After Beautiful Day, memories of those first visits to this city - and to others in Europe - took us into Zoo Station.
'We are back in town to finish what we started three years ago, our story of innocence + experience. Yesterday I ended up walking past the basement flat the band stayed in 1980 in our first tour of the UK. London is where it all started for us… 34 people at the Hope and Anchor…. We played to 13 people in Bristol... just want to say... this is better'
'Innocent times… four Irish boys lost in the 80s...And all that hair…'

Here is the full set list from London 1

In The Press
Belfast Telegraph https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/music/brexit-more-than-just-a-gold-star-falling-off-a-blue-flag-bono-tells-london-gig-37452275.html
'Bono has declared Europe's love for the UK and described Brexit as "a loss of shared dreams" as U2's tour arrived in London. The Irish rockers thrilled fans at The O2 on Tuesday night in a concert decked out with dazzling technology. Frontman Bono, joined by Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr and The Edge, played for more than two hours and performed tracks from their latest album, as well as crowd-pleasing hits Vertigo, Elevation and Beautiful Day. The European leg of the tour has seen the band reflect on and celebrate Europe, and the London show was no different. Bono talked about their "love affair with great cities, great European cities", mentioning London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid. The singer stood in front of a huge EU-style flag with yellow stars and hailed London as "still a great European city". One star was not yellow but instead filled in with the Union flag and circled with a heart. During the encore, Bono said: "We've just been touring all across Europe and whatever you think about it, all we heard about from Madrid to Berlin to Paris to Amsterdam is that people love the UK. "They love you. And no-one wants you to leave. And that's just the truth. "For us it's more than just a gold star falling off a blue flag. "It's a loss of shared dreams, shared strengths. Without you, we are less. Without you, the English, the Scottish, the Welsh, the Northern Irish, we are less." The set featured a screen known as The Barricage running for around 30 metres through the middle of the arena. Running from one end of the venue to another, the versatile Barricage screen transmitted footage, carried political slogans, showed an animation and beamed images of world leaders into the arena. The crowd's first glimpse of the band was when they appeared inside the screen and performed the first song of the night. The opening of the show featured a clip from The Great Dictator, the American political satire feature film written and directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. Original archive footage of European cities captured between 1926 and 1946 was also part of the opening. Bono reflected on the band's beginnings, telling the crowd: "Just yesterday I ended up walking past a basement flat where the band stayed in 1980." He recalled playing to audiences of 14 people, and looking around the packed arena, he said: "Just want to say, this is better." The star referred to his band as "four Irish boys" and "the greatest rock and roll band on the north side of Dublin". The show included a video in support of the ONE Campaign's Poverty Is Sexist campaign which features a chorus of female voices singing Women Of The World. The eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour follows the recent release of U2's 14th studio album Songs Of Experience and sees the band return indoors to pick up where 2015's iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour left off. By the time the band reach Dublin for four home town shows in November, the current tour will have played to almost one million fans in 30 cities across North America and Europe.'

Experience OF The Day
Pip Wilson, writer, youth worker and longtime fan was in the house with daughters ‘The Sheilas'  and godson Danny, 11, U2 shows being a bit of a family tradition. Last night was extra special with a shoutout during Beautiful Day. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpUx0N5AF9R/?taken-by=beautifulhumanperson

On The Socials
@neil_mccormick (via Twitter) 'Wow. That was some rock show. As full on as I have ever seen that band. #u2 (& I've seen them a lot).'

@Andy_Turner_ (via Twitter) A U2 show is like nothing else, pop meets performance art. Passionate, raw, hopeful, political. Tonight was exhilarating, up-close with a tender dedication to Eugene Peterson. Reminded me of the film of when the two met.

And this from The Edge (on his way to the show via a boat on the Thames via @U2 Twitter) : ‘London Calling… ‘Live By the River'… a lot of it happened in London,, the early Punk scene… the Sex Pistols on a boat on the Thames getting arrested… when we arrived here as very green 18-19 year olds to do our first shows it was really like coming to a Mecca for Punk Rock'

What Did Macphisto Say?
‘Halloween in The Hellfire Club… those were the days… and they're coming back! I used to say in London Town when i was out that I wouldn't be a member of a Club I couldn't burn down…'

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    See you in October
    Tickets booked, Hotel booked can’t wait to 23rd October!!!!
    I'm missing the Belgium dates!!!! Please come to Belgium!!!!
    Ingerland Shows
    Dublin for me this tour .Ingerland is far far too dangerous
    U2 at O2
    I just can't wait to see you again here. Love you !!
    Ticket prices?
    What is the price for the different ticket categories? I can't find any info on the tickemaster site yet.
    Think they played Glasgow in 2015, so not that long ago!!
    City of Culture
    Get your arses to the European City of Culture to be - Nottingham!!
    Im sad ...
    We've been waiting for you in Poland ...
    Theres another great place to play !
    You might have forgotten about Scotland so thought to remind you where it is !! and how long it is since you have played there !
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